The polarization in the Netherlands after the election of Thierry Baudet

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So called left and right, are shouting at each other, death threats and anarchy in the political spectrum of the Netherlands after the elections, where Thierry Baudet’s party the FvD won the elections, a warning for the national elections in 2021 or maybe sooner.

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As I wrote in my last article, after the provincial elections:
Thierry Baudet mentioned in his victory speech, that he has been called to the frontlines of the Netherlands, to save the Netherlands from a disastrous policy of Prime-minister Rutte, his VVD party and the other coalition parties like the social democrats (PvdA), Democrats, Christian Democrats and Groen Links. Destroyed the wealth of the citizens, waging wars abroad, like Syria, demonizing Russia and the people pay for climatechange, instead of the multinationals like Shell, AKZO nobel, ESSO etc etc…

Of course, nobody knows the outcome, or rather the results of this and his party’s policy and elections, they are a relative “new” political party in the Netherlands and their results have to be evaluated after a reasonable time.

But for sure it brought anger and joy in the Netherlands and has changed, the mentality, from a tolerant to an intolerant country, where the so-called left and right parties are at “war”with each other!

Picture: Stop de Bankiers

It’s ringing some bells, for people who know something from the Netherlands, in 2002 the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn (he was likely to become the new prime-minister) was murdered and shot dead by a so-called “animal-activist”, which raises until know some doubts, many believe it was the so-called “left and social Democrats (PVDA)” who where responsible for his dead and gave the order to kill him. The murderer, called “Volkert van der Graaf”, was sencented life in prison, but due to his “good behaviour” he was released early and allowed to emmigrate (mind you) to an unknown country and lives happily ever after! Maybe, I hope not, murder is always bad, Baudet is also on the target list of the so-called “left”.

I keep calling them so-called “left”. Because, they ( the so-called left) lost their touch with reality and don’t know themeselves what socialism or democracy is. They confuse it with extreme tolerance towards refugees, anti-semitism, wars in the Middle east, which until now, they supported the regime-changes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and currently Venezuela. They don’t realize that they are set-up to embrace refugees and on the other hand agree to wars. They are silent on Yemen and support the White Helmets (Al-Queda), let high ISIS Commanders slip in with the flow of refugees, to Europe and give them Debit Cards (pre-paid Credit Cards), with 500 Euro per Month, thanks to the “so-called left” – billionaire George Soros and the EU. This is what the Hungarian government found out:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ISIS got credit cards
Picture: Contactless Intelligence Syrian national by the name of F. Hassan was detained in Budapest by the officers of the Counterterrorism Centre (TEK) on suspicion of acts of terror, including involvement in explosive attacks and carrying out multiple executions in his homeland in 2016. TEK collaborated with Europol and the secret services of several countries to investigate the alleged criminal activities and European network of the Syrian man, who is thought to have been a high-ranking IS leader. According to TEK, after applying and receiving asylum in Greece, F. Hassan took advantage of the open-border Schengen Area and visited several other European countries before arriving in Hungary.

Then they like to tell you countries like Hungary are anti-Semite countries, because, of the demonization of Jewish George Soros, accidently he is Jewish yes, but most of all he is a Zionists and Globalist, this is what countries like Hungary don’t like. As I often writes you should distinguish between Judaism (religion) and Zionism (a political idea, once based on Socialism and Communism) which is not only to be found in Israel, but worldwide, they are also globalists. They embrace the idea of a multicultural society (which never works), you can see the outcome of the “Ghetto’s”of the US and many European Cities, like Berlin, Paris, but also Rotterdam, my birthtown.

So Hungary is not anti-Semitic, on the contrary, they embrace Judaism, like many other parties/countries who are on the so-called “right”spectrum. The so-called “left” uses this propaganda for their own political benefit, but don’t realize they destroyed real democracy, freedom of speech (Climate discussion) and became the intolerant people, accusing everything and everybody which won’t fit them well and call you an anti-semite, extreme-right, neo-nazi. Even me, they called that, when the lies around Syria begun. They are the most untolerant people and also political uneducated.

The so-called “left” lost touch with reality and should look at themselves, their political ideas from the past and use some of it in the “future”. Should look at what they did for the people of Europe, together with the neo-Liberals, destroying the culture of European people. Supported the so-called rebels in Syria, give them money and murder the Syrian people. Syria is only an example (the worst), but they , as I said before said or did nothing to prevent the wars in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and are silent on Yemen!
12-12-2015 I wrote:

Much has been written about it. But now the signs are getting visible. The people and politics are paralyzed about the stance on refugees, Russia, DAESH and Turkey.
The brutality from DAESH and the corrupt state of the USA. The politicians on the left are not knowing what to do and therefore, extremist will win, unfortunately. Like a female Sudanese Activist an ex-Muslim said: Left is paralyzed in its endulgement of multicultural views and pacifism. This will give the Right- extremist parties carte blance to carry out their views and bring back fascism and more war to Europe.

Women in Harasta
My own experience: Last week I was underway to a conference, far away, by plain. On the plane back home, I was put in a flight with 80% so-called refugees from Syria. As I know Syria for more than 15 years, I could recognize were they from:  Harasta and Douma, the suburbs were the most native Syrian terrorist come from. I used to live for more than 6 months in the suburb of Harasta . The most extreme and orthodox suburb, which one could imagine. Penetrated and ruled since many many years, by the Muslim Brotherhood. They wanted to destroy the Syrian State since more than 30 years but didn’t succeed, because, of the firm rule of Hafez al-Assad (which they call here in the west a dictator).
The women from Harasta are veiled completely, so they did in the plain which set of to Amsterdam. The men I could see were members of all various brigades, one thing for sure they were all Islamist and nothing more. These people have to integrate into Western societies, with their values of embracing the form of Wahabism Islam. I can say more than 80% of the Syrians migrating, because, that’s how I call it, are nearly all Muslim extremist. 10% Christians, Alawites and maybe some 10%  moderates.
People in the west think that Syria is a Muslim country, well wake-up it was a  secular country with different religions, used to be very modern, now these people who wanted revolution and brought Syria  500 years back in time, with the help of the USA, Europe, and the West. Most puzzling why the so-called democracies of Europe prefer Islamist above secularism.They only explanation is ignorance, colonialism. But for me, the main goal is imperialism and greed for oil, the oil pipeline and wealth. There is no other explanation.
There is a report by George Soros, who like many other so-called European/Zionists,  want the whole Middle East being destroyed and replace them with an ISIS caliphate and send a lot of the Jihadist/Muslim brotherhood to Europe to emigrate. This is the downfall of Europe. Mark Rutte of the Netherlands said only one thing right: Rome is collapsing, yes indeed, Europe is falling and falling.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor assad on terrorists quote

Europe is slowly but surely sinking into a civil war (the Yellow Vest, Baudet, Eastern Germany, Brexit), the Western European countries are for sure. But didn’t I write it already, years back (2015) when they happily supported the terrorists, who are now in Europe? We see the things come into reality!

About Climate change and oil, it’s very interesting what William Engdahl writes, he is an excellent writer, currently living in Germany, I once met him on a Conference about Syria in Germany and he is really outstanding!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor william engdahl

Climate Change, aka Global Warming I thought it would be interesting to share with you my research on the actual background to the political project we today call Manmade Climate Change. The project grew out of a small circle in the late 1960’s and beginning 1970’s who first organized the Stockholm Earth Day under UN Auspices. Today we are being told we must invest trillions of dollars annually to somehow avert a global weather catastrophe, or as Al Gore prefers to call it, “tipping point.” Yet no single climate computer model includes the weather or climate effects of the major determinant of Earth climate, namely the sun and solar explosions and their periodicity. The following is an excerpt from a chapter of my book, Myths, Lies and Oil Wars

Source: , , William

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The “Fake” victories from the US and it’s allies in Iraq and Syria

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Picture: jacques-tourtaux
Yesterday, Trump announced, for the 3rd time victory over Daesh (ISIS), this time in Syria, together with their allies the Kurds, the Western Main Stream Media was quick to celebrate the glorious victory of the US and of course their “own – coalition” victory. We all know the “victories from the US and the west, Raqqa was “a glorious victory”and still in rubbles. The true victory is for Syria and Russia, they liberated Syria!

IBAN: NL10 SNSB 0902 6349 33

Of course, the US and it’s allies need this so-called “victory” over Daesh/ISIS. Their own man-made mercenaries, who were out of control and Trump is pre-occupied with a new regime-change in Venezuela. Also, his great “pal” , the Zionists leader Netanyahu, is on the “other front”, trying to “steal” the Golan-heights from Syria, which they illegally, since 1967, occupy, despite all resolutions from the UN, but of course these leaders don’t give a damn about the UN or International Law, like the Western European countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France, allies from the US. France were the Rothshild “toy-boy” Macron even orders to shoot his own people (the Yellow Vest uprising). The European Spring, not a “fake”one, but a real one is happening!

French President Emmanuel Macron takes part in a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the World War I at the WWI French-British memorial of Thiepval, northern France, on November 9, 2018. – The memorial commemorates more than 72,000 men of British and South African forces who died in the Somme sector before 20 March 1918 and have no known grave, the majority of whom died during the Somme offensive of 1916. (Photo by Philippe HUGUEN / AFP) (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images). After this lesson of war, Macron should stop attacking his “own” French people! But a Rotschild boy doesn’t care, money and power is more important than the people!

Now they claimed victory again, ringing any bells? 2003 Iraq? Bush said “we won”, what the hell he won? Just “fake” media propaganda, first you destroy a country and then you claim victory, so it looks good for your own public and the “boys and girls” who joined the army, the army of destructions and death, only invading other countries with the same “mantra”, it’s to ensure our own security and “freedom”. Of course, the word democracy is (mis)used very often. The Western European countries and the US are nothing more than a bunch of dictarorial states, united in the EU/NATO. Ready to invade any country, either for wealth (oil/gas/diamonds), or if you don’t comply with their plans, they invade your country, first putting “economic”sanctions, to make the people poor and when people get poor they will call for revolution, that’s the tactic!

According to various MSM outlets:

(BAGHOUZ, Syria) — U.S.-backed forces declared military victory over the Islamic State group in Syria on Saturday after liberating the last pocket of territory held by the militants, marking the end of a brutal self-styled caliphate the group carved out in large parts of Iraq and Syria in 2014.

After weeks of heavy fighting, the tent camp where the militants had made their final stand in the village of Baghouz was bombed to shreds. A field pitted with abandoned trenches and bomb craters, and littered with scorched tents and the twisted metal carcasses of vehicles, was all that remained. Half buried in the dirt was a tattered shred of IS’s notorious black flag, while a giant yellow flag belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces fluttered atop a shell-pocked building.

Here they are again the Kurds, now used by the US and her Western allies, after this victory they will be left “alone” and their dream to establish a Kurdisch State will be stopped by Turkey again.

They rather should have stayed with the SAA and Iraqi army/government, to really destroy ISIS and build a new Syria and Iraq!

More than 85 families, along with ISIS terrorists, were transferred to Turkey through areas under the control of the SDF (Kurdish militia) and FSA militants (Free Syrian Army).
A source, the member of the Iraqi Council of Deputies Hassan Salem, claims that nearly 3,000 ISIS (Daesh) terrorists were evacuated from the province
Deir-ez-zor and transported on more than 30 trucks, under the supervision of the US. The “western” MSM reports that it would be “citizens”, this is, according to many sources, a pertinent lie. The US and its henchmen let the people “rot away without help” in camp al-Rukban and refuse any form of cooperation.
According to “various sources,” each Daesh – ISIS terrorist has paid at least $ 10,000 to leave the region, noting that one terrorist of Uzbek origin has even paid $ 50,000 for himself and his relatives to escape.
According to the report, a total of 1400 people on various trucks were secretly evacuated from Baqhouz Fawqani. Hundreds of terrorists have also been transferred to Iraq.

This, is the “free” Western world, which turned into dictatorial autcracy societies, without morals on good or bad. Propaganda is more important than the truth, but all empires go down!

Source; Freesuriyah, , Getty Images/AFP, CNN,

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Yellow Vest – the Netherlands, banner with “White Helmets are fake news”.

Maurice Fonhof and Miquel Engelen from the Yellow the Netherlands, said to the NOS (regular Dutch Media ), that the yellow vests, who demonstrated last saturday in front of the NOS building, are not “left nor right, but for the people. One of their topics was the “White Helmets”, which they call the “fake”terror al-Queda organization, sponsored by the Dutch government. Picture: NOS.
IBAN: NL10 SNSB 0902 6349 33

Much attention is going to the French yellow vest, but in other countries, like the Netherlands, the people are also sick and tired of the current government, the elite, as they call them.

The Netherlands are one of the most expensive countries of the EU, taxes are hight, the value added tax (BTW) has risen from 6 to 9%, public transport, like trains and busses are very expensive and the education system is horrible, with (high) loans for students. Universities prefer foreign students for money and the Ducth language is hardly being heard. English is the main language on universities, because of, all the foreigners and the US influence.

The “common” working clas people, are left aside, no political party isreally interested in them (exept a small fraction of the NCPN – New Communist Party), even the so-called Socialist party left them on their own. This in combination with all the “fake”news we are getting every day, brought by the NOS (8 o’clock news) about how great the country is and moreover, the huge lies about the wars they are conducting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Ukraine, Somalia, Syria and now the new attemped “regime-change” in Venezuela.

A (still minorty) bunch of people in the Netherlands are now seeing the truth, that millions of people have died because of their government and even worse they are sponsoring terrorist, like the ones in Syria .

Note: From 2012 up to 2015 it’s very clear they supported the so-called FSA (Free Syrian Army), who were established and made by the US and her allies, among them the Netherlands. But in 2015, things started to get really bad, when the US unleashed ISIS (made in Camp Bucca, like Abu-Bakr-al-Bagdadi, a.k.a Shimon Elliot). By then the Dutch government should have drawn a red line, knowing that they sponsor terrorists, but they continued doing so up to October 2018.

Clearly the White Helmets, was one on the “biggest” terror organization supported by the Dutch government, they even a headoffice in Amsterdam, a documentary in Hollywood/Netflix, but the are, as proven by many resources, journalist AL-QUEDA.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor white helmets in the netherlands
Picture: Latuff – Mintpress

The regular MSM and Dutch government are making fun of these people, who are gathered under the Yellow vest movement, but they will not laugh anymore, when they will become big like in France and I am sure they will, because, in the Netherlands, like the rest of Western Europe, the people are aging and the majority of the indigenous people will be around 50-60-70 years old. Especcially this group is very dissatisfied.


Mass migration, hig taxes, low pay, the elite who don’t know what the “common people” think, the campaign about “fake news from the EU, towards people and alternative media. The regular media who are only writing what is dictated to them and most of all, the “dirty wars” which killed millions of people and financed by the Dutch government and of course the Dutch taxpayer. European Spring has begun!

Even French “stars” like Brigitte Bardot is now supporting the Yellow Vest.

Bron: Wikipedia, NOS, Facebook Yellow Vest France – Brigitte Bardot

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Gele hesjes – Frankrijk spreken- vele gewonden enkele doden door politiemacht en overheid.

Manifest – gele hesjes – Frankrijk

IBAN: NL10 SNSB 0902 6349 33
Foto: Fenixx


Sinds 17 november 2018, van het kleinste dorp, tot de grootste stad in Frankrijk, zijn we opgestaan ​​tegen deze diep gewelddadige, onrechtvaardige en ondraaglijke samenleving.

We laten ons niet los! We komen in opstand tegen het dierbare leven, onzekerheid en ellende. We willen dat onze geliefden, onze families en onze kinderen in waardigheid kunnen leven. Zesentwintig miljardairs hebben net zoveel als de helft van de mensheid, het is onaanvaardbaar.

Laten we de rijkdom delen en niet de ellende! Laten we eindigen met sociale ongelijkheden! Wij eisen de onmiddellijke verhoging van de lonen, sociale minima, toelagen en pensioenen, het onvoorwaardelijke recht op huisvesting en gezondheid, op onderwijs, gratis openbare diensten en voor iedereen.

Het is voor al deze rechten dat we de dagelijkse rotondes bezetten, dat we acties, demonstraties organiseren en dat we overal bespreken. Met onze gele hesjes, spreken wij , wij die nooit hebben gesproken.

En wat is de reactie van de overheid? Onderdrukking, minachting, denigratie. De doden en honderden gewonden, het massale gebruik van wapens die verminken, eroderen, verwonden en traumatiseren. Meer dan 1.000 mensen werden willekeurig veroordeeld en gevangengezet. En nu is de nieuwe wet die “anti-gele vesten” wordt genoemd, gewoon om te voorkomen dat we demonstreren. We veroordelen al het geweld tegen demonstranten komend van de ordehandhavers of gewelddadige groepen. Niets van al dit zal ons stoppen! Zich manifesteren en demonstreren is een fundamenteel recht. Stop straffeloosheid door de politie! Amnestie voor alle slachtoffers van repressie!

Macron declared war on French people, but we won’t retreat – wounded Yellow Vest activist to RT
De Franse regering zal de Gele hesjes niet met geweld kunnen tegenhouden, maar alleen door te doen wat het volk eist, volgens de prominente aanvoerder Jerome Rodrigues, die blind kan blijven aan één oog nadat hij door de politie is verwond.
“De president (Emmanuel Macron) heeft de oorlog aan ons verklaard en onze verwondingen zijn oorlogswonden. De wapens zijn uitgerust voor op het slagveld, in oorlog, “vertelde Rodrigues aan RT.
Foto: RT

De ware democratie oefenen we uit, in onze vergaderingen, dit is het niet te zien op tv-programma’s of in rondetafelgesprekken met Macron.

Na ons niets dan beledigd te behandeld hebben, zet hij (Macron) ons nu weg, als een haatdragende fascistische en xenofobe menigte. Maar we zijn het tegenovergestelde: noch racistisch, noch seksistisch, noch homofoob, we zijn er trots op samen te zijn met onze verschillen om een ​​samenleving van solidariteit op te bouwen.

Dit is de boodschap van de Gele hesjes, die de rest van Europa zou moeten navolgen, de gele vesten in België, Nederland en de rest.

Bron: /, RT

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De “Open Border Society”van George Soros geinfiltreerd in de EU en Europees Parlement

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor europese lente
foto: Youtube
IBAN: NL10 SNSB 0902 6349 33

Het is officieel: het Europees parlement is nu in handen van het pro-migratie block, ondersteund door de “Open Border Society” van George Soros, gestemd en aangenomen 17 Januari 2019.

Een donkere dag in de geschiedenis van de Europese Unie. Het pro-migratie block heeft een meerderheid in het Europees Parlement . Ze chanteren Hongarije, Italië, Oostenrijk, Polen en andere lidstaten die tegen (massa) immigratie zijn en geven het EU-belastinggeld uit aan NGO’s om immigratie te bevorderen en te ondersteunen. Terwijl de Europese bevolking geen enkele inbreng heeft of had. Natuurlijk zullen ze beweren dat er verkiezingen zijn en dat via jou de gekozen man of vrouw hetgene doet voor de kiezer, alleen werkt het in de praktijk anders, na een paar jaar als SP lid meegedraait te hebben, is het altijd de “partij-politiek” die beslist, ook al staat dat haaks op de “verkiezingsbelofte”.

Wat er nu afgelopen tijden gebeurd, is geen democratie, maar een multiple-dictatuur, zoals ik al eerder schreef, in mijn artikel over de “gele vesten en de Europese Lente”.

We zijn als EU-burger getuigen en nieuwe belediging voor diegene die tegen illegale migratie zijn. De pro-migratie meerderheid van het Europees Parlement nam een besluit dat in wezen verklaart dat de rechtsstaat alleen de overhand heeft in die lidstaten die illegale migranten accepteren, terwijl ze dreigen EU-gelden terug te trekken uit landen zoals Hongarije, Oostenrijk, Italië en Polen die zich verzetten tegen immigratie en nee zeggen tegen het Soros-plan.

Zij misbruiken de grondrechten van de EU om de toelating van illegalen tot een voorwaarde van een rechtsstaat te maken en vervolgens nemen zij een besluit dat openlijk sancties oplegt aan landen die tegen illegale migratie zijn. Dit is pure chantage.

Als dat nog niet genoeg was, keurde het Europees Parlement ook het programma “Rechten en waarden” goed, waardoor de Europese Unie 850 miljoen euro beschikbaar zou kunnen stellen – driemaal zoveel als de Europese Commissie had voorgesteld – aan NGO’s die actief zijn in Europa, bijvoorbeeld allerlei hulporganisaties zoals PAX, Amnesty, Open Borders, maar ook NGO’s die per schip migranten vervoeren naar de EU, het block zegt dat het streeft naar een “open en inclusieve samenleving”. De verordening zou dus middelen beschikbaar kunnen stellen aan de NGO’s die het immigratiebeleid van Brussel ondersteunen en een “open samenleving” bevorderen.

We weten allemaal wat dat betekent. Het betekent dat een liberale, open samenleving, “Sorosocratie” – ontstaat, het Kalgeri plan i.s.m het internationaal regime, de EU, dat de radicale agenda van Soros drijft en geen democratisch mandaat heeft. Een multiculturele samenleving, waar de waarde en cultuur van elksouverein land in de EU op lange termijn zal verdwijnen, waar we geen “Nederlander, Duitser etc…zijn  maar een EU burger, zonder inspraak en rechten, het 1984 scenario!

Het betekent ook dat in de toekomst het geld van de Europese belastingbetaler terechtkomt in de schatkist van de zogenaamde maatschappelijke groepen, pro-migratie NGO’s – die afhankelijk zijn van buitenlandse financiering en ook geen democratisch mandaat hebben – zijn zullen “jacht maken op” Hongarije, Oostenrijk, Italië en andere EU landen en hen beschuldigen van discriminatie, omdat hun agenda, net als nu (denk aan Syrië en Rusland) betaalt wordt door de dictatuur van de EU.

Dus “gele – vesten” vervolg jullie actie tegen de EU, tegen dictatuur, het volk is machtig, wij zijn met velen, zij met weinig!

Bron: Hongarije blog, uitpers, youtube,

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The Migrants quota and the new European Spring

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor migrant plan from the EU

Picture: Daily mail
IBAN: NL10 SNSB 0902 6349 33

As I wrote before, the migrant-crisis, is a result of wars waged by the US and Western states (EU/NATO) in the Middle-east and Africa. The plan however, for these wars and letting in migrants (I don’t speak about real refugees) is also a set-up plan, by mainly the so-called “left” political block in the EU (Social Democrats mainly), who are sponsored individually and as political party, by the bilionaire George Soros, who is a frequent quest at the EU meetings.

Soros is a well-known supporter of so-called progressive and liberal political causes, to which he dispenses donations through his foundation, the Open Society Foundations. Between 1979 and 2011, he donated more than $11 billion to various philanthropic causes;[by 2017, his donations “on civil initiatives to reduce poverty and increase transparency, and on scholarships and universities around the world” totaled $12 billion. He influenced the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and provided one of Europe’s largest higher education endowments to the Central European University in his Hungarian hometown.   

According to the New York Times and other so-called progressive Newspapers, in the US and Europe promote Soros, saying that conservatives have promoted false claims that characterize Soros as a singularly dangerous “puppetmaster” behind a variety of alleged global plots! Which is to my opinion true and has nothing to do with “left of right, progressive and liberal”. Which the MSM likes to call it. It’s proven that his Open Borders society gives training for so-called “color-revolutions”.

Also there is leaked plan, brought up by the Hungarian government:

Just how long have the pro-migration forces in Brussels been scheming about a migrant quota?

Some claim that the notion of a pro-migration lobby is nonsense, that Brussels came up with the migrant quota for the sake of Member States and in response to the crisis that erupted in 2015. This idea that there are forces at work in the background driving an agenda to enable migration to Europe rather than stop it – this idea, some say, is the stuff of conspiracy theories. If you’re one of those who still believe it’s nonsense, let me show you something interesting.

Back in 2010, the Directorate-General for Home Affairs of the European Commission published a report entitled, “Study on the feasibility of establishing a mechanism for the relocation of beneficiaries of international protection.” It was prepared under something called the European Refugee Fund and includes some truly remarkable considerations and language that will sound familiar. Particulary of interest is chapter 13:

2.1.1 2009 pilot project on relocation from Malta to France The Pilot projects on the relocation of refugees located in Malta were initiated during the French Presidency of the Council in 2008. The reasons for this initiative were as follows:  EU migration policy was a political priority for France which felt the need to pave the way towards more responsibility and solidarity  A need to counterbalance the forced return operations implemented by France  A need for solidarity towards refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection (this implicitly excludes asylum seekers who have not been granted a status yet)  A need for solidarity towards the EU Member States that are facing a disproportionate number of arrivals. According to the French officials, the pilot project was aiming to help ease the disproportionate and exceptional situation in Malta.44 The exceptionality of the situation was emphasised by the interviewees and the relocation mechanism was considered to be part of a global approach and fully-fledged EU migration policy that was promoted as a priority of the French Presidency. Due to high level support for the project, there were almost no domestic political obstacles hindering its implementation. The 2009 pilot project was the first relocation operation of that size in France. The initial plan was to relocate 80 people during 2009, but in total 95 people were relocated under the pilot project. This target was set arbitrarily. The aim was to be high enough to be significant and meaningful, but at the same time not to be too high in order to accommodate increasing immigration pressure and a rising number of direct asylum claims in France. Four refugees and 91 beneficiaries of subsidiary protection were relocated. More specifically, the relocated persons included:  47 single adults  9 single women with children (18 persons in total)  18 children, including two unaccompanied minors  9 families (29 persons in total)  8 persons requiring specific long-term medical care The same target number was set for the 2010 pilot project. France was willing to increase this target in order to support the efforts made by other countries that joined the operation, but was not in a position to do so, due to increasing migration pressure (+16% asylum claims in 2009 compared to 2008) and saturated reception capacities. The relocation operation started in February 2009 and the people left Malta for France in July 2009.

For instance, the purpose of this 144 page-long report is to find a “way in which Member States can show solidarity towards eachother.

The Commission’s report ponders two options for Member States to “show solidarity towards each other”. Under Option 1, “an EU legislative instrument creating a relocation mechanism would be adopted, allocating a quota for each Member State based on the country’s GDP per capita and population density” Source”:

The new European axis

A new block emerged in the EU, the so-called “Axis of European countries against migration”, undoubtely called by the other so-called block: “progressive and liberals” right-wing extremists. Which means a huge majority of the EU population are right-wing extremists? Ringing some bells, with the alleged propaganda towards Russia and Trump. The so-called “left-progressive” are bad loosers and using “cold-war retoric” towards their own (EU) people. So I don’t think that the nearly majority of the European people are right-extremist, this is what the so-called “left-liberals” wants us to believe. So the people of Poland, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Serbia and part of the population of France, the Netherlands and Germany are all right-extremist or fascist? No way, they are people who are sick and tired of the dictatorial rules of the EU, were the EU citizens have nothing to say or nothing to vote. All they see is a “drunken” President Juncker and his aide Timmermans, who made a transformation from a “social-democrat” to a nearly “fascist – left wing- leader”.

The Yellow vest

“Europsko proljeće” je počelo, ali nije iz poznate kuhinje
“Europsko proljeće” je počelo, ali nije iz poznate kuhinje

The result of all wars waged in the Middle-east, the cost of the military, was presented by the EU governments to their own citizens, in taxes. The huge military costs, because, as it turned out, the US has, under the Obama adminstration, build immense “warehouses” all over Europe, with the biggest one in Iraq. Were weapons are stored to be distributed to their “mercenaries”, like Al-Queda, White Helmets and ISIS. Please, read the following article carefully:

The Secret Logistics of America’s Global Deep State
“It’s as if the US Embassy is there not only to protect American interests, but to manage the entire world from the heart of the capital, Baghdad.”
— Iraqi Sheikh Qassim Al Ta’ee, as quoted on 27 December 2011 in Al Iraq News and translated by Ibrahim Zaidan from the original Arabic by Nicholas Dagher reported by Eric Zuesse

Europe is involved, nearly all member states, knew about it and did nothing, except an increase of tax and taking in “refugees”, who their own “mercenaries like Al-Queda, White Helmets and ISIS” have driven out of for example Iraq and Syria. These refugees, among them many ex-mercenaries of the EU, are now all of a sudden “migrants” and no governemnt, except, the axes of the European spring”, talks about the returning of these refugees to their own countries like Syria, were the war has ended and they can rebuild their own country. They always find an excuse to let them stay. But it was all planned, we know that by now, first the Kalgeri plan, sponsored by George Soros. ,

Since many weeks the European spring has begun in France and it is spreading throughout Europe (western), no Soros plan, but a people’s plan! The people of Europe, who deserve better leaders, leaders for the people and not against them!

The EU spring has begun and will develop.
Published in the whole Balkan.


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European Spring Civil war has begun English version

gele hesjes

IBAN: NL10 SNSB 0902 6349 33

The European spring – civil war – has begun
By Sonja van den Ende – January 8, 2019
In Dutch (printed in Belgium by the Uitpers :…/europese-lente-burgeroorlog-is-be…/…

It really started, the uprising, which I will call the “European Spring”, a variation of the Arab, with the big difference that the Arab was a set-up plan and after thorough investigation, this rebellion is NOT a Soros plan or “left” plan. It is the uprising of the people, who are totally fed up with elite politicians and have seen their standard of living go down for years. Add the “refugee crisis” the recipe for revolt is ready.
Did we not predict that a few years ago, when the Western European countries went to war against Afghanistan, then Iraq, the destruction of Libya and finally the war in Syria? ! Then the election of Trump, simply because the American people suffered under the regime of its own governments, not that Trump will solve anything, but it was a sign. This is the sign that Western Europeans are fed up with the Liberal culture of culture and the dictatorial policy of the EU.
The European Union, an institution were citizens do NOT have a say or vote, is deciding for them and not with them. That is called a multi-dictatorship, which the elite presents us as a democracy, a democracy is a sovereign country, where the will of the people happens. Therefore, it is time for revolt!
An overview of the events per country

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

France: Of course I start with France, there it started, just like in 1789, the French revolution.
An online petition posted in May 2018 reached 300,000 signatures in mid-October 2018 and was followed by regular mass demonstrations that began on November 17. The reason was the rising fuel prices, the high cost of living and a disproportionate burden of the government’s tax reforms on the working and middle class, especially in the rural areas, also in the other Western European countries first the rural areas were affected, Germany and Belgium are good examples of this.
The protesters have demonstrated for lower fuel taxes, reintroduction of the solidarity tax on wealth (1% is richly a disgrace in the Western world), an increase in the minimum wage and the resignation of Emmanuel Macron as president of France. The movement consisted of the entire political spectrum. This is very important, not left, not right but politically-free, the people in the Netherlands, Belgium etc .. do not know on whom to vote!

On December 29, 2018, there was a big demonstration in Brussels, which will certainly be repeated, many people have been arrested that day by the “democratic” government! The police fired tear gas and water cannons and arrested around 400 people in the Belgian capital Brussels during the “yellow vest” demonstration. Brussels is the city where European institutions are housed, including the offices of the European Commission and the European Parliament; they were taken out as a precautionary measure.

According to the regular news agencies they were rioters, but this is the defense of the political elite, because they are afraid and therefore they put in place “heavy” resources, arrests, rubber bullets etc. If you close your eyes you think you’re in the Gaza -strip, the Zionist regime does exactly the same. The next phase is shooting, or as the Zionists like to shoot in the legs!

Furthermore, in many local towns and villages there were also yellow vest, which blocked the border with the Netherlands, Maastricht.


Germany, yes where will I start, the “broken” country I call it, I have lived there for almost 2 years now, in our neighboring country and am amazed at the “fast pace” of the downfall of a culture and a people. Of course it all started with Pegida first, then the AfD. Good ideas, born of necessity, but radicalized in different areas. The neo-Nazi phenomenon, which the regular MSM [Main Stream Media] likes to write about and put everything that demonstrates or is at odds with this denominator, is of course crazy. As I wrote before, former East Germany has a culture of protest, and they are not all Neonazis. After all, they have lived for years under a socialist system, the counterpart of fascism (neo-Nazi).

In August 2018 I wrote all of the following:

It will beginn, the revolt, in former East Germany, because they are the people who go to the streets, a remnant of socialism. It will spread like a fire, from Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz), to Dresden, the capital of the revolution in Germany. Politics and media will have to listen. If they start acting violently, it will only get worse, we will wait quietly and every person who knows this will see that the current situation is not sustainable in Europe.

There is poverty in the German cities, you see many German citizens (mostly retired, but also families) scouring the waste bins for empty bottles. In Germany there is a deposit on cans and plastic bottles, in order to supplement their income. Many pensioners “flee” to Bulgaria to live together in a “community of poor people”. With their minimal pension, this is possible in Bulgaria. A shame right?

“Refugees” or rather migrants, live in relative well-being, because they receive a lot of child money and Harz-4. But there is also a large group, two-thirds, “refugees”, from 2015 who roam the streets, are criminal and bother people, women etc. For this group they have not come up with a solution, the “German” elite, who are the most persistent of (Western) Europe.

They do not really need the yellow vests in Germany, the uprising has already started in August last year (2018), in Chemnitz, Cottbuss et al. Political attacks are the order of the day, last week the attacks on party offices of the Alternative für Deutschland AfD). Today, Tuesday, January 8, a political attack on the chairman of AfD-Bremen and member of the parliament Frank Magnitz.

Magnitz, fights for his life after an attack by three strangers. Magnitz was rushed to the hospital on Monday evening after he suffered a serious head injury after a “politically motivated attempt at murder,” the AfD in Bremen said in a statement. Armed with wooden sticks, three men repeatedly hit the politician on his head and kicked him while he was already lying on the floor until a construction worker saw the attack and tried to intervene. According to the statement, the attack took place immediately after Magnitz had left a New Year’s reception at the Goetheplatz in Bremen. And so it goes on in Germany every day. The regular media have stopped reporting about this. How so? Because they are afraid that the “people” might start to revolt, which is certainly going to happen.

Finally the Netherlands
The Netherlands the “quiet country off “behave normally” then you’re crazy enough” and the country of 15 million people has finally woken up, slowly, but is awake!

Many people are miserable, see their country dilapidated into a “narcotic state”, a second Columbia. The once puritan Netherlands, is a forerunner in transgender matter, drugs, a-moral decay and big dance festivities (with drugs), a country with a lot of alcohol and drugs problems, everything because of the tolerant, capitalist policy, the government has to earn money from drugs and beer.

The VVD, led by Mark Rutte, has dramatically changed the Netherlands, the tax office has become your big friend and the Dutch culture has almost been replaced by the American and now by the tolerance towards Salafist Islam, in combination with the Zionists a deadly recipe for the citizens of the Netherlands. Division is everywhere in politics, where each party does NOT agree with each other.

They are reluctantly standing up these “cheese heads”, the Frisians, first a steadfast people, and now see that something has to be done at last. Their money run out, feast disappear, Santa Claus, without a black pete, Christmas = winter party (just like in Germany), Easter = spring festival.

Let the Netherlands become again as the “15 million people”, tolerant with moderation, but for the people.

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Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia:

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De Europese lente – burgeroorlog – is begonnen


IBAN: NL10 SNSB 0902 6349 33

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen en menigte

Frankrijk, de Franse zender France3 pleegde censuur en liet de tekst Macron moet weg, uit haar 8 uur jounaal, i.o.v. de politieke elite.

Het is echt begonnen, de opstand, die ik de “Europese Lente”zal noemen, een variatie van de Arabische, met het grote verschil dat de Arabische een opgezet plan was en na grondig onderzoek gepleegd te hebben is deze opstand GEEN Soros plan of “links” plan. Het is de opstand van het volk, die de elite politici totaal zat is en haar levensstandaard al jaren naar beneden heeft zien gaan. Tel daar de “vluchtelingencrisis” bij op en het recept tot opstand is klaar. Hadden we dat niet voorspeld een paar jaar geleden, toen de West Europese landen ten oorlog trokken tegen eerst Afghanistan, toen Irak, de verwoesting van Libië en tenslotte de oorlog in Syrië? ! Daarna de verkieizing van Trump, eenvoudigweg omdat het Amerikaanse volk geleden heeft onder het regime van haar eigen regeringen, niet dat het Trump iets op zal lossen, maar het was een teken. Zo is dit het teken dat de West Europeanen genoeg hebben  van  de Liberale graaicultuur en het dictatoriale beleid van de EU.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gele vestjes
De EU een instituut waar de burgers NIETS mee hebben, er wordt voor hen beslist en niet met hen..Dat noemt men een multi-dictatuur, die de elite ons voorschotelt als een democratie, een democratie is een soeverein land, waar de wil van het volk gebeurd. Daarom tijd voor opstand! Foto: Twitter

Een overzicht van de gebeurtenissen per land

Natuurlijk begin ik met Frankrijk, daar is het begonnen, net als in 1789, de Franse revolutie.

Een online petitie die in mei 2018 werd gepost, bereikte medio oktober 2018, 300.000 handtekeningen en werd gevolgd door regelmatige massademonstraties die begonnen op 17 november. De aanleiding waren de stijgende brandstofprijzen, de hoge kosten van levensonderhoud en een onevenredige last van de belastinghervormingen van de regering op de werkende en middenklasse , vooral in de landelijke gebieden, ook in de andere West Eruopese landen zijn eerst de landelijke gebeiden betroffen, Duistland en België zijn daar goede voorbeelden van.

De demonstranten hebben gedemonstreerd voor lagere brandstofbelastingen, herinvoering van de solidariteitsbelasting op rijkdom (1% is rijk een schande in de Westerse wereld) , een minimumloonsverhoging en het aftreden van Emmanuel Macron als president van Frankrijk. De beweging bestond uit het hele politieke spectrum. Dit is heel belangrijk, niet links, niet recht maar ook politiekloze, die net als in Nederland, België etc.. niet meer weten waar ze op moeten stemmen!

Daarna volgde België:

Op 29 december 2018 was er een grote demonstratie in Brussel, die zeker nog herhaald gaat worden, veel mensen zijn die dag door de “democratische” regering opgepakt! De politie vuurde traangas en waterkanonnen af en arresteerde rond de 400 mensen in de Belgische hoofdstad Brussel tijdens de “gele vestjes”-demonstratie.

Brussel is de stad waar Europese instellingen zijn ondergebracht, waaronder de kantoren van de Europese Commissie en het Europees Parlement, die waren als voorzorgsmaatregel afgesloten.

Volgens reguliere persbureau’s waren het relschoppers, maar dit is de verdediging van de Politieke elite, omdat ze bang zijn en daarom grijpen ze naar “zware” middelen, arrestaties, rubberen kogels etc..als je je ogen sluit denk je dat je in de Gaza bent, daar doet het Zionistische regime precies hetzelfde, de volgende fase is het afschieten, of zoals de Zionisten graag doen in de benen schieten!

Verder waren er in veel lokale steden en dorpen ook gele vestjes op de been, die o.a. de grens met Nederland blokkeerde, Maastricht.


Duitsland, ja waar zal ik beginnen, het “kapotte” land noem ik het, ik woon er nu bijna 2 jaar, in ons buurland en verbaas mij over het “rappe”tempo, van de ondergang van van een cultuur en een volk.

Het begon natuurlijk eerst allemaal met Pegida, daarna de AfD. Goede ideeën, uit nood geboren, maar op verschillende vlakken geradicaliseerd. Het Neo-Nazi fenomeem, waarover de reguliere MSM zo graag schrijven en alles wat maar demonstreert of dwars ligt onder deze noemer wegzet, is natuurlijk van de zotte. Zoals ik al eerder schreef voormalig Oost-Duitsland heeft een cultuur van protest en dat zijn echt niet allemaal Neo-Nazi’s. ZIj hebben tenslotten jarenlang onder een socialistisch systeem geleefd, de tegenhanger van fascisme (Neo-Nazi).

In Augustus 2018 schreef ik al het volgende:

Beginnen zal en is de opstand in voormalig Oost-Duistsland, omdat zij de mensen zijn die de straat op gaan, een overblijfsel van het socialisme.

Het zal zich als een vuur verspreiden, van Karl-Marx-Stadt (Cheminitz), naar Dresden, de hoofdstad van de revolutie in Duitsland en de politiek en media zullen moeten gaan luisteren, als zij met grof geweld gaan optreden, zal het alleen maar erger worden, we wachten rustig af en elk weldenkend mens ziet dat de huidige situatie niet houdbaar is in Europa.

Er is armoede in de Duitse steden, je ziet zoals op de foto’s hieronder, vele Duitse burgers (meestal gepensioneerde maar ook families) de prullenbakken afstruinen voor lege flessen, in Duitsland is er namelijk statiegeld op blikjes en plastic flessen, om zo hun inkomen aan te vullen, vele gepensioneerde “vluchten” naar Bulgarije, om daar in een “gemeenschap van armen” , samen te leven met hun minimale pensioen is dat mogelijk in Bulgarije. Een schande toch? “Vluchtelingen” of liever gezegd migranten, leven in relatieve welstand, omdat zij veel kindergeld en Harz-4 krijgen, Maar er is ook een grote groep, tweederde, “vluchtelingen”, uit 2015 die over de straten zwerven, crimineel zijn en mensen, vrouwen etc lastig vallen, voor deze groep hebben ze geen oplossing bedacht, de “Duitse” elite, die de meest volhoudende van (west) Europa zijn.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen en staande mensen

“Rentner” zoekt flessen in Prullebank, Hamburg Flughafen Foto: C. Lucassen
Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, staande mensen en schoenen
“Rentner” zoekt flessen in Prullebank, Hamburg Flughafen Foto: C. Lucassen

De gele vestjes hebben ze in Duitsland niet echt nodig, de opstand is al in Augustus (2018) vorig jaar begonnen, in Chemnitz, Cottbuss e.a. Politieke aanslagen zijn aan de orde van de dag, afgelopen week de aanslagen op partijkantoren van de AfD.

German AfD MP brutally beaten in ‘politically-motivated attempted assassination’ (GRAPHIC)

Vandaag een politieke aanslag op
AfD Bremen voorzitter and lid van het parlement , Frank Magnitz Foto: RT

Vandaag een politieke aanslag op
AfD Bremen voorzitter and lid van het parlement , Frank Magnitz

De voorzitter van de AfD partij, Bremen, Frank Magnitz, vecht voor zijn leven na een aanval door drie onbekende.
Magnitz werd maandagavond met spoed naar het ziekenhuis gebracht nadat hij een ernstige hoofdwond had opgelopen na een “politiek gemotiveerde poging tot moord”, zei de AfD in Bremen in een verklaring.

Gewapend met houten stokken sloegen drie mannen de politicus herhaaldelijk op zijn hoofd en schopte hem terwijl hij al op de grond lag totdat een bouwvakker de aanval zag en probeerde tussenbeide te komen. Volgens de verklaring vond de aanval plaats onmiddellijk nadat Magnitz een nieuwjaarsreceptie bij de Goetheplatz in Bremen had verlaten. En zo gaat het maar door in Duitsland, iedere dag, de reguliere media zijn opgehouden hierover te berichten, hoezo? Omdat ze bang zijn dat het “volk” misschien nog meer in opstand gaat komen, wat zeker gaat gebeuren.

Tenslotte Nederland

Nederland het “rustige landje van doe maar gewoon dan doe je als gek genoeg en het land van 15 miljoen mensen is uiteindelijk wakker geworden, sloom, maar is wat wakker!

Suggestie voor een nieuw volkslied, de Oranje clan heeft lange genoeg geregeerd.

Veel mensen zijn lamlendig, zien hun landje vervallen tot een “narcoticastaat”, een tweede Columbia zeg maar. Het eens zo puriteinse Nederland, is voorloper in transgender materie, drugs, a-moreel verval en grote dansfestijnen (met drugs), een land waar veel Alcohol en drugs problematiek is, alles door het tolerante, kapitalistische beleid, immers moet de overheid verdienen aan Wiet en Bier.

De VVD, o.l.v. Mark Rutte, heeft Nederland dramatisch veranderd, de belastingdienst is je grote vriend geworden en de Nederlandse cultuur is bijna vervangen door eerst de VS en nu de tolerantie tegenover de Salafistische Islam, in combinatie met de Zionisten een dodelijk recept voor de burgers van Nederland. Verdeeldheid alom in de politiek, waar iedere partij het NIET met elkaar eens is.

Schoorvoetend staan ze op deze “kaaskoppen”, de Friezen eerst een standvastig volkje” en zien nu in dat er eindelijk iets moet gaan gebeuren..De betalingen lopen de spuigaten uit, feesten verdwijnen, sinterklaas, zonder zwarte piet, kerstfeest = winterfeest (net als in Duitsland), pasen = lentefeest.

Laat Nederland weer worden als de “15 miljoen mensen”, tolerant met mate, maar voor de mensen, laat echt socialisme weer toe, geen nep-sociaaldemocraten of een Socialistische partij die het verschil tussen Socialisme en democraten niet ziet. De ziekelijke Rusland propaganda stoppen en toegeven dat zij meegedaan hebben aan oorlogen. Opnieuw beginnen met de mensen en voor de mensen, waar we weer gewoon kunnen leven en een menselijk beleid, waar geld is om te leven en niet geld het leven is!

Veel succes gewenst aan de “gele vesten”, houd vol, al ben je nog zo klein, het volk heeft de macht en zelfs een éénling kan al iets veranderen!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, staande mensen, menigte en buiten
Gele Hesjes NLGele hesjes in Maastricht

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, staande mensen, lucht en buiten

Gele Hesjes NLGele Hesjes Mediapark
Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, brug en buiten
Gele vestjes Rotterdam
Gele Hesjes NLGele Hesjes Nederland

Geweld door politie in Nederland bij de Gele vestjes:

Vreedzame demonstratie van de #gelehesjes wordt verstoort door agenten en pakken willekeurige mensen op. Zonder enige aanleiding. Vind u het gek, dat er dan chaos ontstaat?

Geplaatst door Jody Proef op Zaterdag 29 december 2018

Bron: RT, Sputnik, Freesuriyah, Berd Breedveld blogspot, Twitter, France-3, CLaudius Lucassen (Foto), Fb Gele vestjes, Nederland.

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