A Syrian Student writes by Prof. Tim Hayward

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor western propaganda policy about Syria
Below is an article by Prof. Tim Hayward, which is proove of Western MSM Propaganda and state-run wars towards sovereign countries like Syria. Picture Russian Mission #UN Twitter

Tim Hayward: In May this year I received a message from a student, one I had never met. With the student’s permission, I share the message now because it offers some salutary perspective on an issue that has recently been raised in a hostile article in The Tab (a Murdoch-funded media entity) about expectations and concerns of Syrian students entering Western universities. Aside from smearing my own reputation, the article takes a damagingly prejudicial approach to a sensitive issue, as this message helps us see.

The Student writes

Dear Professor Hayward, I thought it might be important to let you know that an individual claiming to be a journalist for HuffPost UK contacted me yesterday asking If I would comment on your involvement in the Syria, Propaganda and Media Group as I am a [degree programme redacted] student in the School of Social and Political Science. It would appear that the person has likely messaged more students within the school and I felt it was best to let you know. I have not replied and do not intend to.

However, I would be very interested in meeting to discuss the issue of Syria, the uprisings and the truth. As a Syrian student who comes from a pro-government family, I have often felt conflicted between my personally held views and the overwhelming outlook of those around me in Scotland and at the university. I have found it very difficult to know how to research the issues at stake, as any information available tends to be extremely biased in one direction or another. Having now read your wordpress and other materials, I feel it could be extremely refreshing to speak to you and perhaps get a proper perspective on an issue that is extremely personal and important to me.

As I’m sure you understand, being a Syrian student studying at a Western institution has made it extremely difficult to wrap my head around the conflict of viewpoints I face as a Syrian but also a Western-educated student when thinking about and trying to research Syria.

Tim Hayward Writes

I met the student and we had a long chat – about many things, but they included the difficulties faced by Syrians who are obliged to take a view of the situation in their home country that is imposed on them by people in the West. The fact is, students from Syria, as from anywhere else, have a range of backgrounds, experiences and beliefs. But they also come from a situation of terrible and complex conflict – which can intensify and complicate differences. One thing they have in common, though, is that they have sought to get away from conflict.

Anybody who claims to care, and especially those of us with a duty of care, should be aware of the possibility that people we meet may have views they are reluctant to share – for any number of reasons – and we should be very careful not to presume to know what those views are.

The student I met spoke of being overwhelmed by the expectation of conforming to a view that was so at odds with the student’s own beliefs and experience. The fact that even academics can be contributing to that demoralising experience should be a concern to all of us in education. We might all look to how we can raise our game.

For The Tab – following its big sister The Times – to be singling out for attack those of us making this very point simply goes to show that that the values and ethos of a media entity with multi-million dollar funding from the Murdoch empire are fundamentally at odds with the very vocation of academics, and not just a small group of us.

I am personally most grateful to the student who contacted me, not only for helping avert a planned media attack, but for making tangible the value of respectful mutual engagement that a university aims to support and encourage.

Source; https://timhayward.wordpress.com/2019/09/08/a-syrian-student-writes/

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The Problematic Syria Mission of the Netherlands

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Rutte and Trump
Last July (2019) Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands visited US President Trump at the White House
Picture; YouTube

Last July (2019) Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands visited US President Trump at the White House, to discuss, among other things, the support for a “new” Syria mission in the near future.

According to several MSM like the https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/syriasource/why-is-the-us-clashing-with-the-dutch-over-syria, the reason for not willing to send more troops, is the clash with the US Ambassador in the Netherlands Peter Hoekstra (from Dutch decend).

Actually, the deeper reason is not mentioned. In september 2018 Dutch media leaked that the Dutch government supported terrorist groups in Syria, among them Al-Queda, Jaish al-Islam – HTS branches.

There was a public debat in parliament and clear to the Dutch public that the Netherlands sponsored terrorists! Untill now the regular Dutch MSM is deeply divided over the guilt of the Dutch government, mainly the sponsored state outlets like NRC and NOS are still reporting the 10 year long propganda; Assad killed it’s own people, the dictator etc..blabla. These above mentioned outlets are indirectly sponsored by the Dutch government in a what they call in Dutch “subsidies”.

Jaish al-Islam also reportedly prohibited civilians from receiving food and supplies in  neighbourhoods they controlled in December 2016. So why is a representative, or so-called scholar on Syria giving information to the Dutch government denying all this? How can he? He was not present in Eastern Aleppo in 2016-2017, or after the fall of the city, which freelance-independent journalists like Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, rights activist Prof. Tim Anderson and myself did! How can he judge on what happened, he can’t and therefore, he will stick to the lies with the Dutch government, at that time Mr. Bert Koenders, PvdA was the Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs at the Rutte government, he spent years in Africa and was set on the Syria case, total ignorant and complying with the deep state.
Red: Conclusion; The Dutch government is not taking proper care of maintaining the adequate situation and hiring experts (so-called) or put ministers in a position, were they don’t belong or they don’t have the knowledge about geopolitical issues and countries like Syria – they are conduction wars in a very unprofessional way – without consent of the real situation – same applies for the Dutch MSM media – who dont have a clou about the real situation in the ME or geopolitical issue of the US and their behaviour in the ME.

Gerelateerde afbeelding
The first Dutch involvement in the so-called Yugoslavia war which turned out very bad for the Dutch government and army. Still they didn’t learn from this and went on bombing Afghanistan Syria, Iraq, Libya and Mali.

Afterwards there was a debate, the minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Block was not removed, because it happened before he became Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch government, under no circumstances should collapse, but it was and is all public knowledge and the Dutch government wants to forget their murderous adventure in first Yugoslavia now Syria and focussing on a new “safer” mission war (peace mission they call it), in Mali.

Source: Atlantic Council, Freesuriyah, YouTube

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Hezbollah and Israel A New War Coming

The wall in South Lebanon on the outskirts of Markaba, the wall dividing Lebanon and Israel. Picture: Sonja van den Ende@ 2018, Markaba, South Lebanon

Last days tensions rose high with Hezbollah and the Zionist State of Israel. Israel as, usual provoking Hezbollah in the South, the heartland of Hezbollah.

It all started when the Irsaelian army send drones to Southern Beirut, as they say to the HQ of Hezbollah. Actually, they hit just a media building in Dahieh, close to Bourj al Baranjneh, the slums of Beirut, I often visit it, I have made some good friends there when visiting Beirout, last years, also in the South of Lebanon. Close to Bourj al Baranjneh is the Hezbollah Mausoleum for the martyrs of the 2006 war, which Hezbollah won from Israel and recently the martyrs from the war in Syria.

The Mausoleum, from Hezbollah for the fallen martyrs in the 2006 war and the Syrian war. Photo: Claudius Lucassen @ 2018

Bourj el-Barajneh Refugee Camp

The Bourj el-Barajneh Refugee Camp is located at the edge of Beirut. The Red Cross established the camp in 1948 to accommodate an influx of Palestinian refugees from present-day northern Israel. The camp was laid siege to by the Israeli army and Lebanese Christian Phalangists during 1982, after Israel invaded Lebanon earlier that year.

It (and other Palestinian Camps) was also laid siege to by Amal militia from February 1984 to February 1987 for the control of West Beirut. According to UNRWA more than 20,000 Palestinian refugees live in the camp, though originally only 10,000 were planned to live in the one square kilometer camp. After the crisis in Syria, many Syrian refugees moved to the camp, dramatically increasing its population. The camp conditions are horrible, and many deaths are recorded every year from electrocution and collapsing buildings. The camp is a distaster and the differences between the rich area, right next door is immense.

Last year (2018) I was a guest and by invitation in Lebanon, southern Lebanon, where construction of the wall between Israel and southern Lebanon has started since February 2018. That is, an initiative of Israel, the Zionist state claims they need protection from Hezbollah, who won the war in 2006!

June 2018; UNIFIL soldiers from Indonesia, who permanently guard the wall,.
photo: Claudius Lucassen@June 2018
Lebanon has not asked for a war, it has not begun, it is also against the will of the Lebanese people, the ones who violate the ceasefire is Israel, as is the case with Palestine and Syria.

Israel said back then (2018) they are building the wall awaiting Hezbollah’s attempt to cross the border in the coming war. Lebanon and Hezbollah do not want the wall to be built. UNIFIL said it follows the structure and communicates with relevant parties on both sides of the border to reduce tensions and prevent escalation.

Israel started the escalation, last weekend, when they bombed three countries: Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

This is what Said Hassan Nasrallah has to say about the situation;

Is there really going to be a new war with Hezbollah, or in the worst case Lebanon? I don’t think it will be like 2006. The fact is that Israel in cooperation with the US and NATO are already waging war on many Middle-East countries, a physical and economic war on many sovereign countries. They destroyed Yemen, Syria, Irak Afghanistan and many more countries and still continue on to this day. The biggest problem in the Middle East is the state of Israel, who now is ruled by ultra-Zionists, with their President Netanyahu as head of State, who shows no mercy, illegally occupying Palestinian land, killing people on the Gaza border, every friday and imprison minors. The Western world is watching and silently calling it anti-Semitism.

Source; Press Tv, Stop de Bezetting, Freesuriyah.

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Nieuwsbrief Pater Daniël, Qara, Syrië

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pater daniel maes
Vrijdag 30 augustus 2019

NL30 ABNA 0895 2288 31  

Stichtende  verhalen

In Qâra heeft een rijke Syriër een mooi huis gebouwd. Naast zijn  huis heeft hij een modern sportcomplex aangelegd in dank aan de president en ter ere van de “martelaren”, nl. de vele soldaten en anderen die hun leven gegeven hebben voor de bescherming van het volk. Iedere groep en iedere persoon mag gratis het sprotcentrum gebruiken. Moge de Heer deze edelmoedige Syriër zegenen.

Het moslim gezin met drie kinderen dat mee verantwoordelijk is voor het terrein, leeft in het huis dat we achteraan hebben laten bouwen. Ze komen uit Quosseir en waren tijdens de verwoestingen daar gevlucht met drie getrouwde broers en hun oude moeder. We hebben hen toen hier opgenomen. Moeder is inmiddels gestorven en twee boers zijn met hun gezin teruggekeerd. Hij wilde bij ons blijven. Hun kinderen spelen met onze kinderen en nemen dikwijls deel aan de liturgische diensten. Zij kennen ook het Onze Vader en het Weesgegroet.

Deze week werd nog eens het verhaal verteld dat we vroeger al vernamen. In 2012 was het hier uiterst gevaarlijk en gedurende korte tijd ook heel moeilijk om aan eten te geraken. Op een avond toen de nood heel groot was en deze moslimfamilie honger leed, zei het jongste meisje: laten we bidden zoals de zusters bidden. En ze begon het Onze Vader en Weesgegroet te bidden.  Nauwelijks had ze het gebed beëindigd of er werd geklopt op de deur. Twee soldaten kwamen brood brengen!

Inhoud van de container opgeslagen in de grote ruimte

Inhoud van de container opgeslagen in de grote ruimte

Dinsdagavond bidden we na de vespers onmiddellijk de completen en iedereen gaat slapen.  Deze nacht wordt namelijk een container verwacht en die moet onmiddellijk gelost worden. Om half elf arriveerde inderdaad een grote container vanwege “Entraide Internationale des Scouts de la Région de Cluses”  (Frankrijk) met voeding (maggi, melkpoeder, confituur…), sanitair materiaal, schoenen, kleding, schoolgerief, vloeibare zeep… Om half drie in de morgen was de klus geklaard. Iedereen, volwassenen en kinderen, zusters en broeders hadden geholpen… behalve ik. Niemand wilde mij wakker maken, hoewel ik er graag bij was geweest. Eerlijk gezegd, de afwezigheid van een 80 plusser op de werkvloer en dan nog in een nachtploeg is nu ook niet het grootste verlies voor de economie van een land. Woensdagmorgen vernam ik dat deze dag als een soort rustdag gold omdat iedereen ’s nachts gewerkt had.  Ik kan dus alleen foto’s geven van het materiaal zelf, zoals het opgestapeld werd in de grote zaal onderaan de nieuwbouw. En dat is nogal wat.

Overzicht van alles,behalve  de confituur  

Onze bisschop organiseerde deze week een tweedaagse in Rableh met de hulp van deskundige en bezielde religieuzen om goede catechisten te vormen. Twee medebroeders namen hieraan deel en genoten van de goede vorming.

Het klooster van de zusters is nog steeds als een bouwwerf. De vloeren zijn met een witte glibberige laag bedekt, waarmee de plaveien worden geschuurd. De muren worden proper gemaakt en het meubilair wordt opnieuw geschilderd. Vooral de refter en de kerk worden grondig bewerkt. De liturgische diensten worden hoofdzakelijk in de  crypte gehouden en eten doen we op alle mogelijke en soms onmogelijke plaatsen.

Hoop doet leven

Na de belangrijke bevrijding van Khan Shaykhun  gaat de strijd onverminderd verder. Tot heden hebben de  terroristen, aangepord door hun westerse supporters ieder voorstel tot staakt-het-vuren en iedere onderhandeling hooghartig afgewezen. Ze  beschouwden dit als een teken van onmacht van het Syrische leger. Ze hebben zich grondig vergist en moeten nu vaststellen dat het Syrische leger met hulp van zijn  bondgenoten wel degelijk in staat is Idlib te bevrijden en het ook zal doen. De forse steun van de VS, Turkije en de NAVO aan de terroristen kan deze bevrijding bemoeilijken en tot een zware lijdensweg maken maar niet tegenhouden. Zij zullen zich uiteindelijk moeten terugtrekken. Hoe die bevrijding vordert kun je beter volgen met de berichten, de uitgebreide uitleg en de video’s die je achteraan in overvloed krijgt. Ik geef enkel iets weer van de sfeer en  de hoop die hier heerst. Ook onze Zwitserse vrienden die weer enkele dagen bij ons zijn en langs Damascus passeerden getuigen dat het leven daar steeds normaler wordt. De soeks zijn weer overvol. Bovendien werd op 29 augustus in Damascus de 61e Internationale Handelsbeurs geopend door de eerste minister, Imad Khamis, in naam van president  Bachar al Assad. Deze loopt tot 6 september met 38 deelnemende Arabische en andere landen. Het is een platform om Syrische producten te promoten en economische, culturele en sociale vernieuwing te bevorderen. De opening begon met de nationale hymne en een schitterende choreografie. Imad Khamis zei dat terroristen, de VS en Turkije wel een bedrijf kunnen stelen en vernietigen maar zelfs na 9 jaar oorlog niet de hoop van het volk. Na de soldaten zullen nu de arbeiders, boeren, handelaren en burgers hun moed en inzet tonen. Inmiddels had Feng Biao, de Chinese ambassadeur al laten weten dat de Amerikaanse dreigingen zijn land niet zullen beletten om met 58 bedrijven hier aanwezig te zijn. Verder beloofde hij ook de verdere steun in de  strijd tegen het terrorisme. Ten slotte zal China ook 800 miljoen Yuan geven voor de opleiding van Syriërs op verschillende terreinen om mee te werken aan de heropbouw van het land. Hallo Europa en Amerika, kan er geen percentje van uw “humanitaire hulp” voor terroristen af voor het Syrische volk?

En dit nog

P. Daniel

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