Syrian Women Rarely Left The House or Women Rebuilding Aleppo, the Fake Story Of the NYT and AD (Dutch Newspaper). The Story Of Afraa Dagher.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor twisted news"
Same story different header, but twisted words in the New York Times and Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch newspaper).

To my astonishment, I read the name of my Syrian friend Afraa Dagher in the Dutch newspaper “Algemeen Dagblad”, so I continued to read the story. A story which is not a very “honest” reporting, the headline in the Dutch newspaper said: Women are rebuilding Aleppo. Suggesting in the Article that women in Syria never worked before the conflict. False, they did, from all parts of society and religion, looking after their children and worked out of the house, like in Europe. Were the Netherlands, who claims to be “progressive” is low on the rating list as it comes for working women.

So, I contacted my friend Afraa and tolled her what I have read. She was astonished, to say the least. She told me that the New York Times contacted her and interviewed her and other women, in a deceiving way. Through a translator.

Afraa told me:” Please write them. And by the way the Lebanese translator Denise said that they would posted it, just as messaged it to her. Sounds they keep lying . I’m so angry I would like to sue them, for lying”.

The same story in the New York Times, so the Dutch Newspaper writes the same as the New York times, so much for integrity and investigative journalism.

Afraa: ” They contacted many families in Syria from Aleppo, Latakia, allover Syria to report their experiences during the war. As I see now in the article from the NYT, they didn’t report my sister words and they posted only a few words from me where I said our men are soldiers to defend our country and we lost many martyrs.

Also Afraa said to the reporter: ” They asked about poverty which they saw and I explained about the sanctions on Syria and the sabotage war which destroyed our infrastructure. Also, I mentioned it’s great that after all these years of war we’re still able to take salaries” . Of course, no single word about that in the New York Times or Algemeen Dagblad, who brought the same story under a different header.

It turns out Afraa and the other women were used for the New York Times and Algemeen Dagblad, Afraa also told me that she tolled her story to a “Denise”, the so-called translator, for the women.

Also, she and many Syrians object to the suggestion that what the ” Algemeen Dagblad” writes: Thousands of young men from Latakia were sent into the war. It is the home of the Assad clan, members of the Alawites, a religious sect that is a minority nationwide (Quote Algemeen Dagblad).

Really a deceiving sentence, if you look and do investigations into the Syrian Army, they are man and women from all over the country, regardless of their religion and hometown, are fighting the Western sponsored terrorists. The terrorists or so-called rebels in the West do consist of some native Syrians, but most of all foreigners, who got paid by Western governments. Something the West can’t understand that Syrians love their country, their President and most of all hate the Western news and politicians, for what they have done in Syria.

Also, the story about Mrs. Rawass in the NYT is most likely a fictive story suggesting her husband was in jail and he was later bombed by the Syrian Army:

To pay her husband’s way out of jail, she sold everything she could, took in sewing work and borrowed. “I hope I die before you,” she remembered him telling her one day in July 2016, after his release, “because you’re stronger than I am.” The next day, they heard explosions. When he ran outside, flying shrapnel killed him on the spot.Ms. Rawass said she soon discarded the heels she had worn even during the war (Quote NYT).

Slowly but surely we find out the working methods of the ” bought” journalist, who still until today write lies upon lies, without telling the truth about sanctions killing Syrians, the rebels were terrorist and how the West paid for the “dirty war on Syria”.

Of course, they can’t all of a sudden start telling the truth, maybe after so many years when the archives of the secret services and politicians are opened. Until, then the lies remain.


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