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Weleens gekeken naar Homeland? Als je het onderstaande blogbericht leest, waan je jezelf in Homeland,  maar het is het echt gebeurd, daar ik kan ik voor instaan. Deze dingen gebeuren op FB en in het echte leven! Ik deel het origineel in Engels.

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Safis Exposed

The online pro-Syrian community was infiltrated by a COINTELPRO mission to discredit and defame all powerful international voices supporting Damascus and her people. An Australian woman by the name of Susan Safi, sometimes known online as Susan Sophia-Safi, spent years embedded in social media under deep cover pretending to be a Syrian under the fake name “Intibah Kadi”.

before publicly unveiling her online persona, Susan under her real name was involved in an anti-Gaddafi propaganda and recruitment network “الصفحة الرسمية للمجلس الوطني الليبي —Official Group for the NTC”, where she found new people to add to the group and even participated in an operation designed to convince anti-war people to not protest against the NATO War on Libya:




Right before this she was providing Egyptian “contacts” to her American friend Nancy Dale, whose resume shows her deep state connections as an expert on US Homeland Security:


Susan Sophia-Safi was photographed in at least twoinstances in TEFL International events in Egypt in 2007, so we think that she might have been an English teacher in the Middle East. That would explain why she has “contacts” in the country to give to her American friend who’s an expert on US Homeland Security. It also raises makes us wonder whether she truly was an English teacher or not because intelligence agencies regularly send agents across the world under this cover.



It’s now proofed that Susan Sophia-Safi has experience operating in the Middle East, sent Egyptian “contacts” to someone who’s an expert on US Homeland Security and actively organized an anti-Gaddafi propaganda cell which could have possibly included actual fighters-terrorists too. Don’t forget that she waged an information war against anti-war activists too.

This makes it all the more interesting that Susan decided to open up a “charity” in Syria the same year, remembering that she had already 1) sent Egyptian “contacts” to an American Homeland Security specialist 2) was deeply involved in anti-Gaddafi operations in internet, media and probably also in touch with people fighting and killing on the ground and 3) had already tried to stop anti-war activists from protesting against NATO’s war in Libya.


So what is this “charity” really? Nobody knows but it might be linked the business registered in Australia under Susan Sophia-Safi’s name as Utopia Now Consultancy, which could just be a front organization for the deep state to organize anti-government terrorist wars in the Mideast. Susan has experience with that in Libya through her participation in the TNC group.


The name Utopia Now Consulting sounds the idea that makes young people to rebel against their governments. But why Syria, why would Susan make a “charity” in Syria? What connection does she have to the country? None other than wanting to harm it just like she did to Egypt and then Libya. Syria was the next target on the regime change list so Susan used all her skills that she learned in the Egyptian and Libyan operations to attack that country too. Her husband is Lebanese, he’s not Syrian and he doesn’t even like the country but he knows a lot about it so he could help her pretend to be a fake expert. He also hates President Assad.

Yes, Iman Safi, especially writing on Facebook and for The Saker blog under his fake Syrian name “Ghassan Kadi”, pretends to be a Syrian Patriot, but long before he became known on Facebook as the man whose wife tried to divide the pro-Syrian community he was more open about his beliefs on a blog called The Hyper Texts. Here’s a collection of screenshots showing his most angry, hate-filled attacks about Syria, the Assads and even Hezbollah which he compares to Zionists. Here’s what he told the world:


Why does Iman Safi hate the Assads so much? Here’s the answer that he shared on a very long thread promoting one of his old radio interviews:


Yes you read that right. Iman said that the Assads commit lots of crimes and even hints that they killed people for no reason including people he knows. Maybe even his family. It’s personal. This is a blood feud. Iman is afraid to set foot in Syria. He thinks he might get arrested again like last time. We should ask ourselves if he was questioned because of the activities of his wife and everything she did to Libya??

Here is Iman begging for someone to replace President Assad that’s how much he hates him:


This screenshot is from the long thread talked about before. So how are the Safis “Syrian Patriots”? What does their “charity” do? Is it up to the same tricks as Susan’s “contacts” in Egypt and her good friends the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya? Why does Iman say that the Muslim Brotherhood are “rebels”? Well it’s because he and his wife support them. Look what they told the American expert on Homeland Security:


The Muslim Brotherhood was Syria’s worst terrorist organization before Al Qaeda and ISIS, but these “Syrian Patriots” want us to believe that they’re “rebels”, and good people who the bad Assad father bombed in a mosque! Why? Why are they doing this?

Is it because they want to celebrate the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in Syria like they said they will do after it took over Libya? They want to tell them Mabrouk, which in our language means Congratulations. Look:


Western countries like Australia put their citizens on terrorist watch lists for traveling to warzones like Libya so how did Susan and Iman go there to say Mabrouk-Congratulations to the Muslim Brotherhood “rebels” who are really terrorists? This might be because of their deep state connections and they, are rewarded with friendships with important political people. Here Susan saysthat she knows an Australian Senator:


How does an English teacher and a Lebanese refugee meet a Senator and become close with them? This has never happened, it must be the Australian Dream! Now look at this, how did these two people become close friends with the Australian politician Albo, real name Anthony Albanese who is one of the country’s most famous and powerful figures. There isn’t a link for this one because Susan deleted it but here’s the picture of her, Iman and Albo:


How does this happen? What does Susan and Iman really does? Anybody know? We do.

They are agents, especially Susan. She travelled the Mideast for years under the cover of being an English teacher and created a regional spy network in Egypt. Then the Arab Spring started and she got to work sending her contacts to USA Homeland Security experts. Don’t forget that she organized the anti-Gaddafi propaganda and probably even terrorist cell too, and she says she has a Syrian “charity”. But wait, this is the same Susan Safi who pretends to be “Intibah Kadi” on Facebook and The Saker. Look what she wrote before:

She wrote this article; Orientalists, Gatekeepers, Evangelists and Subverters of the Syrian Defense Community

And also this one too; Social Media as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare; The Case of Syria (IMPORTANT NOTE BY THE SAKER)

What is funny is she’s doing the same thing she tells others not to. She talks about Orientalists and Gatekeepers, but that’s her. Christian Zionist? Look at what Iman Safi wrote as Ghassan Kadi about how Hezbollah is just as bad as Zionists oppressing Christians! That’s a real Christian Zionist  but she used these terms to attack real activists risking their lives in Syria. Why? Why would she call them orientalists and gatekeepers and Christian Zionists?

Because her deep state mission as an agent of Australian government and friend of NATO, Libyan head choppers and USA Homeland Security experts is to discredit and defame those who are helping Syria, or before it Egypt and Libya. Why? Because they want to control social media in information wars. This is like COINTELPRO the famous American operation. US spies infiltrated resistance movements to destroy them from within. That’s what Susan and Iman Safi did. They are best friends with Jamal Daoud who brought an Israeli Zionist spy to Syria earlier this year. They defend him and smear everyone who they don’t like using his fake page and fake names. They started a war that hurt the online community.

It wasn’t for narccisism or a misunderstanding like some think, no it was because we know the truth about Susan Sophia-Safi and her husband Iman Safi. They hate the Assads so much. She’s an agent so we understand why but he, we don’t know. He hints that maybe his family was killed by the Assads or jailed? He even admits he was arrested and questioned! Remember that long thread? Look what else he said on there, he wont deny the fake news about barrel bombs but he says he’s a patriot?


Don’t you dare tell this “Syrian patriot” that Russia helped save Syria by vetoing the UN resolutions against it or this is what Mr Iman will tell you:


Let Iman tell everyone how the war in Syria was an “uprising” he says, it was genuine he says, good:


This evil President Assad, if he’s not a saint is he a devil!!


Of course President Assad is evil, because Western media says so! Iman says those “journalists” are saying the truth but we know they are spies like him:


This is a very serious information warfare he and Susan are using against Syria, very serious like you can see.

So that is the story everybody about what happened with the Safis. Susan is an Australian agent who infiltrated the online pro-Syrian community under her fake name Intibah Kadi along with her husband Iman who pretends he is Ghassan Kadi. Their goal was to take control of the social media space and then abuse their role to discredit and defame real life activists and people who really want to help. This is part of the informational warfare operation like what Susan mastered in Egypt and then Libya. We can only guess how much damage she has done that we don’t know about. That “charity” in Syria is very dangerous, it might even be linked to the white Helmets like ALL Western charities in Syria are!

Could that explain everything? Why Susan and Iman started attacking everyone? Right when the white Helmets were being exposed, they struck like killers and tried to assassinate everyone’s reputation. But no Susan Safi and Iman, we know who you are now. We know about your past, we know everything about you. You will not turn Syria into Libya and go to a Muslim Brotherhood controlled Syria and say Mabrouk-Congratulations to your friends there. You will not be promoted to meet new politicians Susan, you will have to retire. Iman is ruined, his legacy is destroyed. All of it was fake. We now know the truth about your hate for Syria and the Assads. You are the real orientalist and gatekeeper but you blamed others to distract from your guilt. You said there’s social media as a tool of hybrid warfare, but Susan, you and Iman are the hybrid warfare tools against Syria.

Against Libya too, we will not forget. You cannot be the Resistance if you hate Hezbollah like Iman does. No, Hezbollah is not equal to Zionists. That is what Zionists say, and Christian Zionists too. The only one who has been arrested in Syria is Iman Safi. Jamal will be too if he tries to return. Everyone else is allowed in, you see it on your computer every day. They know about you Safis, and you should think twice about coming to Syria to say Mabrouk-Congratulations to your Muslim  Brotherhood friends running that “charity”. President Assad is not Gaddafi. He is a lion, and you know that’s what his name means too in our language. He wont fall. Your plan failed. You can’t silence us. Stop your spying, stop sending “contacts” to USA Homeland Security Experts. Stop talking to Syrian Arab Army, you are lying to them and they now know the truth.

You can’t stop talking about Eli Cohen but you two are the new Eli Cohens just like Jamal!!!

By: Riad K.






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