How Syria won in the Netherlands



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Usually, I write my articles in Dutch, but because, of the importance of this, I will write it in English, so that my fellow activists/journalists, around the world, who, together, with me, struggled for more then seven years can also read it, to let the truth to be heard and finally we won in the Netherlands! It’s all open in the regular MSM, who didn’t want to hear from us and most important of all, the politicians have to admit, even Prime-minister Rutte, that he and his government, lost the war, they were illegally funding and fighting a war in Syria, a crime, against International Law to wage war on a Sovereign State, they will try to convice the public that under some circumstances, International Law will allow you to intervene, but these circumstances where not present in Syria! It was an ordinary proxy war for oil and power, they fought and killed many Syrian people, there is no excuse to be found, no geopolitical and no human excuse for this huge crime committed in the name of democracy!

Since more then seven years, we tried, to convince the public, regular MSM and politicians, that there was and is no revolution in Syria. But of course, the politicians, who where in power, the last 8 years, knew, but in their ignorance and hunger for power, they igonored us (only one or two who I can not mention here, saw the truth and tried to do something about it) and went to war on Syria, together with the US and other European countries, the main EU players were France and the UK, the other big power Germany, provided military material and opened the door for refugees, which turned out to be a catastrophe, among the real refugees (I mean real are the ones fleeing for the terrorists, which are still called rebels), where many  Jihadist, beloning to various terrorist groups, funded nearly all by EU countries and of course the US, Australia and New-Zealand, entered Europe!

Now the war is lost and Syria, with help of their allies Russia, Iran and Hezbollah has won the “war on terror” and life as I could see is slowly but surely returning to normal, many refugees, coming home, from Lebanon, but also other countries in Europe.


Gerelateerde afbeelding

The most biggest crimes have happened, to unleash terrorist, trained and funded by western countries, like the Netherlands.

The regular (Dutch) MSM highlights only one group, which is a rather not significant group Jabhat al-Shamiya, who was resolved,  in 2015, after the SAA won the battle of Aleppo, but of course they went on as Ahrar-as-Sham and now Tahrir-as-Sham, being part of ISIS.

As a caputerd terrorist admitted, all groups, no matter what name or ideology, emerged with ISIS, as soon as ISIS enterd their “battle ground” or territory!

Interview met een ISIS commandant in het dal van Yarmouk, Syrië

As many Syrians will say, it doesn’t matter their name, they were all part of terrorist organizations, which aimed to destroy the Syrian State and kill the civilians of Syria!

The most terrible part of the funding is the so-called relief organization “White-Helmets”, their head office being in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I wrote many articles, the last seven years in Dutch, about this group, which is and was part of Al-Queda, Jahbat al- Nusra! Many pictures emerged, special thanks to Eva Karene Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley, video’s, evidence on the ground, where this so-called relief organization, made “fake” video’s about alleged chemical attacks. Used children (Bana Alabed, now living in Turkey, after “Uncle” Erdogan granted her asylum) to be the victim, of the “evil” Assad and were famous in Europe and even in Hollywood! Also, they were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, unbelievable, as we activists for peace in Syria all said!

White Helmets office in the Netherlands: (known as Mayday Rescue Foundation)


Naam:Stichting Mayday Rescue Foundation
Dit is mijn bedrijf!
Adres:De Cuserstraat 93 3e en 4e ver (4th Floor)
Postcode:1081 CN
Wijk:Stadsdeel Zuid
Gemeente:Gemeente Amsterdam

De Witte Helmen als vluchteling naar Europa met hulp van de NAVO en Israël

We struggled for seven years to get it in the open, the proxy war, how it began, who the players are and why they did it.

For people who can read DUTCH, hereunder my work from the last seven years, which explains everything!

Syrië eerst staatsgeheim nu in de doofpot

Many lives where destroyed by the proxy-war, from in this case, the Netherlands, many civilians killed, soldiers killed, families who lost their sons, daughters and beloved ones. There were forced to flee their houses and left everything behind, all due to the terrorists who wanted to kill them and their family. Families destroyed and torn apart.

Now the politicians in the Netherlands, who are among the guilty ones, think they can just satisfy us with a letter, not even excuse, but a letter saying we will stop funding (which is not completely true, the White Helmets are being paid, still under a contract until December 2019 188.636 Euro, taxpayer money) these groups. They are wrong, we are not satisfied until the guilty ones are being judged and trialed, I know a long way to go, but we will not give up, after seven years!

Thanks to: International Activist and Journalists:

Afraa Dagher, Tom Duggan, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Karene Bartlett, Mudar Barakat, Brian Souter, Andrew Korybko, John Mesler, Prof. Tim Anderson, Sarah Abed, Marwa Osman, Modar Ibraheem, Kevork Almassian, Giuseppo Sorbello, J.C. Martinez,  Regis Tremblay, Bruce Cagnon, Denis de Paula Santos, Piers Robinson, Mohammed Rahmoun, Anita Brookner, Monzer Wassouf, Janice Kortkamp, Mary Woodward and many many others…Don’t be sad if I didn’t mention you, the list will be too long!

Special thanks to: Father Daniël Maes, Qara, Sister Agnés Mariam.

In the Netherlands: Comité Syrian Nederland, we made our trip to Syria, at the height of the war in August 2015, Malik Samoul, Jean Mirza, Yvette Shamier, Abboud Jarjour, Lahhoud Murad, Willy van Damme (Belgium) , Paul van den Baviére (Belgium).

Information Minister to European delegation: International alliance against ISIS a huge lie


Rik Min (NCPN) , Corry Westgeest, Geki Luiten, Frank Sarlemijn, Iwan Coletto, Claudius Lucassen NCPN, oorlog is geen oplossing. Always prepared for demonstration and action!

Russian support: Natalia Voronstova, Nikita Ananjev, Elena Plotinikova, Sergej Makhel, Любовь Шапаренко,Настя Панова, Anneke de Laaf and many many more! Who where there when we demonstrated in the Hague!

Thanks to all the people who supported me by spreading the truth, by reading and sharing my articles, especially the Dutch ones! We won a battle but many more to come!

We will continue and to be continued!








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