How Germany is becoming a failed state

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Germany is collapsing, I am not only writing about refugees, but the whole system of economy, infrastructure and politics.

Usually I don’t want to write about these issues, because I don’t like the label of being extreme right or extreme left, I am nothing of this kind, just reporting the facts, which I see around, me every day. This issue is not brought under media attention and being a resident (temporarily, because I want to move from this country) of Germany. I see it happening around me on a daily basis and it destroys the life in Germany for Germans, for other Europeans who live here and even for the migrants, who came here years ago and made a life for themselves.
This was filmed by a German Lady in Ashausen, Niedersächsen, who was like the rest of the population without words and interpreted it in her own words, which are not mine…Refugees are okay, but his is mass migration, this are just 1000 today in this Youtube video, but if you drive through Germany, you see whole villages been taken over by immigrants, the Germans are the minority in a lot of places. I don’t know how long it will be online (the video), because, Youtube will delete it for sure.
Ashausen is a small town with 3.800 inhabitants in the municipality of the district of Harburg, Lower Saxony. The place is connected by a train station to the Hannover-Hamburg train route. The YouTube video that went viral shows approx. around 1.000 Africans coming into the station, stepping out from a train. Going to? Nobody knows, walking around in Ashausen?

After more than 2 years in Germany, this country is getting stranger every day. I would never have thought, although of course there were signs that Germany could become a kind of failed state within a few years (2015 mass immigration) that it would be like this, so quickly. The insane immigration policy, the refusal to secure the borders of one’s own state, the statements of the government leaders that repeated the formula of “we can ” (Wir schäffen dass), the daily propaganda of the public state media (you still have to pay taxes for the media, so it’s state-owned) for a state decreed welcome culture, the massive devaluation and denunciation of all the critics on the unlimited immigration, the cover-up and denial of unwelcome facts – all this is going on here in the beautiful country of Germany!

Whole towns, like a small town close to the secluded mountain village I live are without “Germans”, they are inhabited by mainly migrants from African origins and refugees from the Middle-east. Where are the Germans gone too? I don’t know, Majorca? Hungary? Bulgaria or even Thailand, they started to migrate as well, because of the various problems they face, immigrants, low pension, high medical costs, the welfare state has collapsed for them.

In Frankfurt they happily pronouce the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, but the ordinary citizens have no message about this. The immigrants are here for the cheap labour, working in Hotels, Mcdonald, Starbucks, etc.. When you go to airports, or shoppingcenters, the workers are all immigrants, without speaking German.

If you go to small towns, German shops like Tedi or German Bakeries (once famous in German for their delicious pastries) are run by mainly Africans, Syrians, Afghans or people from Irak.

The unregulated immigration as a kind of “obligation” of the population
A Nigerian who was rejected started to destroy all the cars in the City he lived, this is just one of the examples, there are so many …I could write page after page…
Probably for an explanation here one must also refer to deeper psychological patterns. For the “guilt complex” of European societies has, so to speak, secularized the Christian idea of original sin. One could understand the generous state allocation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants in this sense as a form of debt reduction to “disadvantaged”. A culture accustomed to self-criticism is always to take seriously all the accusations that have been made of it. We still have a lot to do. Perhaps this (unconscious) motive is the main reason why the acceptance of unregulated immigration prescribed by official politics in Germany has become a kind of “repentance duty”, even if it is rejected in large parts of the population.

The Arabic maffia clans

The clans territories are Berlin, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. The perpetrators originally belong to the Anatolian and Arab (mainly Lebanon) large families. Well-known are the Abou Chaker clan, the extended families Al-Zein, Ali-Khan, Chahrour and Rammo or Remmo and the Miri clan.Experts see parallels to the Italian mafia. This problem exists already for many years, but due to mass migration, the structure of the clans has changed and became more violent and uncontrolled.

His nickname: “Tyson-Ali”. He is a member of a notorious Arabian clan with numerous entries in the Federal Central Register – would you like to have this person as a neighbor? Rather not. But the inhabitants of a house in Berlin live next door to Abdulkadir Osman, who makes their lives hell. They feel abandoned by the police and the state. There would be quite a lot to identify – because behind Osman’s behavior is probably a perfidious business model: it’s about money laundering.

Government bodies – oldfashioned style

The municipalities in Germany, are still working in an old-style- way. In the age of digitization, they are hopelessly behind the facts. Their offices remind you of the last century (except the Bundestag in Berlin), in many villages they never heard of 5G, 2G is still the norm. No internet in many trains (EC, some ICE have Internet). Shops are totally absent ( some mini-markets ). Banks (for the inhabitants) are gone and their Internet banking is still working with TAN codes, and the costs for banking is very high. Germany is not looking after and taking care of their citizens. The infrastructure is very bad and reminds you of a 3rd world country, especially in the former DDR.

If this is not bad enough, the majority of the woods, like here in the Harz mountains are being destroyed, not but by us Humans, as the “greens” wants us to believe but by the “Borkenkäfer” and by the “windmills” the trees have to go, in the forest for Windmills so many insects will die after chopping the trees and affect the forest. Which causes climate change!

Of course, now with the collapse of the “Deutsche Bank” , it makes things more worse. How it will end? I don’t know, but not good, not for Germans, Tourism or Europe..

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