Why Frans Timmermans lost the EU presidency and a unknown candidate won!

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Picture: Hungary Today

Frans Timmermans was the “dreamed” candidate of Western Europe (the favorite of Juncker), when the EU elections were held, the social democrats (he is member of the PvdA), won in the Netherlands, amazing, after their huge loss, recently, when the parliamentary elections were held..something “smelly” about it. Anyway, he and his predecesor Manfred Weber, didn’t make it, a totally unkown (in the EU not for Germany) women called Ursula van der Leyen (former minister of Defence) from Germany won the post by 9 votes.

Why? Well that’s easy to explain. Western European countries are very arrogant and even rude when it comes to their partners, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slowakia (Visegrád Group). They blame them for everything, especially, the Netherlands, Frans Timmermans (PvdA) and Judith Sargentini from the Greens (Green Left). They act and speak like they conduct a crusade against these countries. Because, they refused migrants and their politics is based on Christian democracy (which is called extreme-right in Western European countries).

The Greens and the social democrats are sponsored by organizations of George Soros and keen to implement his vision for Europe, a multicultural Europe, consisting of so-called refugees, but encouraged to flee Africa. Also, the wars, which these parties agreed upon were supported by them, in Iraq and Syria and made the people fled their country. Nowadays, they support the returning of ISIS terrorists (meaning their wives and children, the wives also committed crimes) to be integrated in Europe..wow what a democracy is that!

Also, the Soros foundations who give free credit-card to migrants, due to the so-called “Marrakesh pact” and don’t see them as refugees or immigrants, but people who could join the workforce in Europe (cheap labor). Amazing isn’t it? Also, the so-called NGO’s (Non-Governmental-Organizations) like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and so on, are indirectly sponosred by the EU, through Soros (who is a frequent visitor at the EU). So very very democratic, the common people on the European streets don’t know anything about their wheeling and dealing.

This (mini) documentary from “Groen Links” (starts in Dutch but later in English), is a propaganda issue for their party, like the climate change (the youth is funded by the EU, to strike from schools and demonstrate for the climate, they play on the thoughts and minds of young people in the Netherlands, in this case to convice them that Hungary is not a democracy, because of not taking in migrants. Source: Groen Links – YouTube

Well to conclude, the V4 group wasn’t pleased to get an undeplomatic figure of Frans Timmermans, who would be the president of the EU. It would be a disaster not only for the V4, but for the whole of the EU. Frans Timmermans an emotional type who shred crocodile tears at the MH17 accident and curses Hungary, or whoever is against him. So wisely, the V4 group resisted and in this case won. Now a more diplomatic women will be the head of the EU. How unconvienant for Frans and Western Europe.

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