Who was Jaber Al-Bakr, the “German”dead “terrorist”? Member of the White Helmets

Deutschland Syrer nach Sprengstoffund in Chemnitz gesucht (picture-alliance/dpa/Polizei Sachsen)

According to Wikipedia Jaber al-Bakr came from Sasa, in Rif Dimasq, situated around Damascus, the region (Qara) I have visited many times. After the dead of James le Mesurier, the founder of the so-called relief group “the White Helmets” he came into the picture of the Western MSM again.

So far so good, then the contradictions in the story starts already. According to sources he was jailed because of critical sayings about President Bashar al-Assad. Well that is what everyone says who wants asylum in Germany, if you say you are in favor of Bashar al-Assad, or rather the Syrian Arab Republic you will not be granted asylum and labeled as a terrorist in Western Europe.

Then his bio claims he stole 24.000 Euro (a lot of money in Syria) from his father and went to Africa to catch a boat. Why the hell would a Syrian go to Africa? The best option would have been Lebanon or Turkey.

When you digg deeper, the “claims”on Wikipedia and Western media outlets fall apart. They fail to mention that Jabr al-Bakr was a member of the so-called relief Organiztion the White Helmets, HQ in Europa (Amsterdam) and Turkey (Giazantep), where it founder James le Mesurier was found dead.

According to the German Authorities he radicalized in Germany and went to Turkey and to Northern Syria (Idlib), the authority claim, this is all after he arrived by boat to Germany.

In an interview with Reuters, his brother Alaa said he believed imams in Berlin brainwashed Jaber into returning to Syria for jihad. According to his older brother, Jaber explained his trip to Syria earlier that year (2016) by saying that he wanted to volunteer with the White Helmets: “He went to Turkey and spent two months in Syria. He called us and told us ‘I’m volunteering with the White Helmets (emergency teams) in Idlib’. Jaber also mentioned that he was with Ahrar al-Sham in Idlib and doing “humanitarian aid work.”

Most of the photos and videos that have been taken in recent years by the ongoing Syrian war in the news and media of the West, were images of the White Helmets. These are allegedly a rescue force for Syria founded by the British James le Mesurier in Turkey in 2013, in fact they were mainly producing propaganda material and stories about Syria for the media. They are financed openly by the US and EU countries. Their material is full of mistakes and they unintentionally expose themselves by their own incompetence. They maintained close ties with the fighters called al-Queda and in the West named as “rebels”.

James Le Mesurier claimed that a barrel bomb could trigger a magnitude of 7.6 earthquake. But that is completely impossible under the laws of physics. Incidentally, there is no proof of the use of barrel bombs by the Syrian government. If they were actually used, that would be a lesser evil. Barrel bombs are improvised explosive bombs. Large metal containers filled with explosives and shrapnel. A barrel bomb has much less explosive power than a conventional aerial bomb.

Undoubtedly Jaber al-Bakr was a member of the White Helmets, meaning Al-Queda and Ahrar-as-Sham, refugee in Germany, radicalized and disposed of by Germany, like James le Mesurier who died under mystious circumstances, not needed anymore by Western Governments, their role as mercenaries are finished and therefore they died.

Source: Whoever want to see all 65 profiles of so-called White Helmets members retrieved from FB in 2017; https://freesuriyah.eu/?p=1220 (just ask me the password). http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.com/2016/10/white-helmets-covering-up-genocidal.html, Wikipedia, Spiegel TV, Freesuriyah


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