Mazen Hamadeh, The Anti-Assad Activist, Torture Victim back to Syria From The Netherlands, Was He Caesar?

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Was it Mazen Hamadeh, he couldn’t bear it anymore to stay in the Netherlands, is he perhaps the ” Ceasar” of the West?

He was received as a hero in the Netherlands, it was him who suffered the horrible prisons of what he called the “Assad-regime”, these were his words in the Netherlands, to the Dutch government and recently in the run-up to a process, which is to be held at the ICC (International Criminal Court) to frame President Assad for war crimes against people like Mazen Hamadeh, who now went back to Syria.

Hamadeh learned a lot in the Netherlands, the Auschwitz story, for example, if you were going to be sent to the hospital in Mezze, airport base means extermination, he said in the video. Also, he claims whole families went to prison and part of his family still is in prison. How come he went back to Syria? Maybe because he couldn’t cope with all the lies he spread, or the pressure from the Dutch government, the ICC and the US to pressure him and maybe to deliver evidence for the “Caesar” claims he made during a Senate hearing at the US.
He even got a promo video by the Dutch government to show who he was, a great activist against the barbarian Assad, the promo video is from 2017. At the end of the video, he emphasizes that what has happened to him is not imagination, needless to say, if you are not sure it really isn’t ‘ it? I must say the demonstrations back in 2017, were quite impressive, of course, sponsored by the EU. I can understand EU citizens who don’t have a clue about Syria, they were impressed.

The Netherlands

So-called opposition activists said the circumstances behind the return of the famous torture victim Mazen Al-Hamadeh from the Netherlands to Damascus is complicated due to the financial and psychological pressures and the forgiveness he vowed by the Syrian regime. The regime which he now has to call government again, after his return.

Al-Hamadeh’s return has been a process that started already at the end of 2018, not long after his famous statement (see video) he then visited the Syrian embassy in Berlin asking to go back as a Syrian citizen but they insisted that a reconciliation settlement had to be made for him to be able to return. 
He then visited the embassy two more times, the last of which was when he stayed for a week in Berlin before boarding a plane to Beirut and then off to Damascus. No word about torture, his family and so on.

During the past few years, Al-Hamadeh talked about the problems he encountered on his personal Facebook page, including his continuously declining bank account balance and the several other violations, which exhausted him and at times pushed him to call on the Dutch government for his return to Syria. The sources suggested that Al-Hamadan must have suffered psychological trauma in the Netherlands. The “shock”, however, is not because of the Dutch government’s bad treatment, but rather due to his expectations to be treated differently from any other refugee. Because, he was the “famous” Al-Hamdan, most likely to be Caesar, who deserved, of course, a better treatment. But then you are at the wrong “address” in the Netherlands. The war is lost and there is no need anymore for this famous Amnesty Caesar.

Ghaith Alhallak 

Ghaith Alhallak is a freelance writer with a keen interest in Middle East current affairs, particularly the ongoing crisis in Syria. He has published in many Lebanese, Syrian, and Western websites including Al-Hayat, Syria Deeply, Syria Untold and Skeyes Media. Of course Western-funded news or so-called Arab opposition newspapers. But he is not your normal next-door-activist, he pictured himself with the US actress Susan Saradon in Rome. He is a close friend to our torture victim and interviewed him.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, bril
Mazen al-Hamadeh trying to convince Western media about his torture on Ghait’s Facebook.

From Ghaith Alhallak: I took it from his FB, without corrections:
” I interviewed the former detainee in Syrian regime prisons, Mazen Hamadeh, three years ago. Mazen, who was a witness to the crimes of the regime in front of the International Court of Justice and European Human Rights Committees, was arrested today in Syria while trying to return to the Syrian interior after the Syrian security forces arrested some members of his family. As always, Mazen will appear on Syrian official television within days to deny all of his previous statements and all the testimonies he presented in an attempt to deny the charges against the Syrian regime of violating the human rights. Mazen suffered from psychological problems recently (not confirmed yet, as some of his friends say) where he was living in the Netherlands, which prompted him (according to them) to try to return to Syria, where he was arrested directly.

About his arrest or Television, appearance is no news, just speculations from Gaith Alhallak. I blocked this guy on FB, for my own safety.


As the evidence is coming out, he must have been Caesar or at least someone close to him. A normal “refugee” does not portrait like that. Also, he testified for the International Criminal Court in Den Haag, where the “Friends of Syria” want a court case against “dictator Assad”. But they know, it will never happen. Syria is nearly liberated and the majority of the Syrians will not hand-over their president to the ICC.

Caesar was invented by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, in cooperation with the EU, were the Netherlands played a “big” role because of the ICC in den Haag.

On January 20, 2014, two days before the Syrian conflict negotiations that were scheduled to begin in Switzerland, the propaganda report appeared on television and made headlines around the world. The story was that a former Syrian army photographer documented 55,000 photos of torture and the killing of 11,000 prisoners by the Syrian security service, an unrealistic story, one man can never document this and certainly not flee afterward, given the huge numbers. The Syrian photographer was given the code name “Caesar”. The story became known as the “Caesar torture photos”.

Amnesty International called it ” a Human Slaughterhouse ” mass hanging and extermination at Sednaya prison. A nice story, without investigation in Sednaya of course, similarities to be found with the Auschwitz story.


Al Hamadan’s need for preferential treatment, increased by the spotlights that the media and human rights organizations have shed on him, led him to believe that he is somehow the center of the Syrian issue, especially after he was hosted by the US (Caesar). Al Hamada’s ego inflation has become clear in his speech, saying that he was the one who stopped the bombing of Deir- ez-zour, and that the coalition wanted to use his expertise to manage the oil fields in eastern Syria.
The sources indicated that the former detainee’s psychological and financial crises pushed and accelerated his return to Syria, with Syrian mediators in Mohassan city to make it possible for his return in agreement with the Dutch government. In other words, he is of no use anymore for the Friends of Syria coalition, like James le Mesurier.


2 thoughts on “Mazen Hamadeh, The Anti-Assad Activist, Torture Victim back to Syria From The Netherlands, Was He Caesar?

  1. Assad: massamoordenaar!
    Afgelopen donderdag, 5-3 was er weer een uitzending van Villa Politica op de VRT en het ging over de afgeketste deal met ‘verrader Erdogan en het feit dat hij de vluchtelingenstroom weer op gang bracht richting de EU.
    En dan treed het Vlaams Belang natuurlijk fors op de voorgrond tegen die partijen die de vluchtelingen met open armen wensen te ontvangen. Zeg maar groen en rood, dan hoef ik verder geen namen te noemen en deze “zo geïnformeerde” politiekers schreeuwden moord en brand omdat leden van het Vlaams Belang bij de “massa moordenaar” Assad op de thee zijn geweest en deze de enige oorzaak is van de vluchtelingen crisis van het begin af aan door zijn eigen volk uit te moorden.
    Nu ga ik toch ernstig twijfelen aan het geestelijk vermogen van die twee genoemde kleuren politiekers want het is overduidelijk bewezen dat het de vriendjes van die politiekers, namelijk de door hun gesteunde westerse coalitie die bommen gooiden op scholen en ziekenhuizen ,maar om de zelfde reden als ze gebruikten om de invasie te starten dus Assad wel de schuld MOEST krijgen. Anders had die invasie geen bestaansrecht, wat het toch al niet had wegens gebrek aan steun door de VN, maar dat stoorde deze politiekers niet, zij geloven liever de propaganda: de vervalste gifgasaanvallen door de witte helmen, om die Assad in de schoenen te kunnen schuiven. Keihard bewezen dat die gifgasaanvallen opgezet spel waren en dat dit zelfs door klokkenluiders van hun eigen organisatie bloot is komen te liggen. De Amerikanen begonnen wel meteen met bommen werpen voordat er ook maar het geringste bewijs,(trouwens nog steeds niet), voorhanden was.
    Maar het beeld van “massa moordenaar” Assad werd steeds verder als meesterlijke propaganda uitgevoerd en onze lichtgelovige politiekers trappen daar met open ogen, en misschien ook wel open beurs in. Niemand stelt de vraag WAAROM die invasie moest beginnen. Syrië was een rijk en sociaal land waar christenen naast moslims en vele anderen leefden.
    Ook het feit dat Rusland daar de boel aan het opruimen is van IS wordt hier amper genoemd want dat is tegen het overheersend beeld dat niet kapot mag worden gemaakt: IS zijn door het westen gesteunde “vrijheidstrijders” die “heel toevallig” uit meer dan 50 landen komen en gelokt zijn voor salarissen waar wij 3x zo hard voor moeten werken. Waar worden die van betaald? Geen enkele politieker stelt zich de vraag of het wel terecht is dat Amerika de oliebronnen in Syrië bezet houd en de opbrengsten voor eigen gewin gebruikt. Pure diefstal dus. Waar zijn die politiekers die het zo graag over ‘eerlijkheid’ en ‘gelijkheid’ hebben?
    Maar door hun gedrag verbaasd het mij niet dat het juist die groepen zijn die zo hard tegen nieuwe verkiezingen zijn want Het Vlaams belang kon wel eens met stip de grootste worden en dan is het afgelopen met het pamperen van gelukzoekers en de vele geldstromen die hier in rondgaan.
    Echte vluchtelingen hoeven niet bang te zijn, dat is maar een paar procent van het geheel en die worden dus ook opgevangen, maar het blijkt dat bij de nieuwe stromen er amper Syriërs bij zitten. Integendeel, die keren terug omdat hun land bevrijd is, niet dank zij het westen maar door Rusland. Op de journaals blijft hieromtrent oorverdovend stil want owee, de Amerikaanse ambassadeur zou wel weer eens zijn gram komen halen bij de 7e dag.

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