The Netherlands paid the salaries of the Jihadist in Syria

The Dutch government has send uniforms, AK-47 vests, cash money to pay jihadist/terrorist and pick-ups to a country at war. This is not allowed by any company in the whole world. But the Dutch government did it, in secret. To Syria. The Dutch government violated its own export rules. Also, it violated International Law and therefore, can be consired to have waged war on a sovereign country, without any threath from this particular sovereign country Syria, only to support the deep-state, like what is happening right now in Venezuela, regime change. I would like to call it an act of colonialism, barbarism and terrorism.

Document wapenexport
List of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a lot have been left out.

$ 17.924 for salary fighters

Documents of the Dutch government shows that the Netherlands has paid the so called-rebels (jihadist) cash. Over $ 17,924 was handed over to pay the salary of the jihadist fighters. So-called rebels, or jihadist as the Syrian people would like to call them, have been guilty of kidnapping, murder and rape!

Questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Blok:

  1. Was there an export license for non-lethal support to the Syrian opposition? requested? (If so, where can we find it? If not, why not
  2. The documents show that the pick-up trucks, which were send into, smaller quantities, were send by different border crossings, to bypass the “ban” ,meaning economic sanctions, why ? (was there a difference of opinion with authorities in border countries with Syria?) Or is just an “illegal” way to equip and finance the jihadists?

Answers from the minister:

  1. It’s true that there were occasional temporary and specific restrictions at certain border crossings. So, some borders were temporarily closed for exporting certain goods, or
    completely closed. In those cases the exporter looked for alternatives or border crossings where such restrictions did not apply.

NLA deliveries always took place dialogue between the implementing party and the authorities.  

NLA means: NON-LETHAL- Assistance. The answer that the Dutch government,  in coordination with the legal Autorities, which were and is the recognized Syrian government with the democraticly chosen  President Bashar-Al-Assad,  was informed is huge lie, the DUTCH  government has sent illegally, against  International Law, Pick-up trucks, which can be used to put weapons on and the payment of these terrorist is a huge violation against International Law, because, the Netherlands was not attacked by another sovereign country like Syria, instead they are guilty of acts  of war and therefore were engaged in a war, were among other states the Netherlands was the aggressor and therefore should start repaying the Syrian government and the Syrian people, without pre-conditions like at the the end of WW1(Versailles treaty) or WWII, when Germany, the agressor, untill now, has to repay the Jewish, Gypsy and others, of waging war and repayment of labour and death ,  also on the countries they invaded from 1939 – 1945.

2 . Yes the cabinet has explicitly opted for non-lethal support in 2015, for example blankets, medicines and vehicles because of international legal frameworks, for example the non-intervention principle.

The Legal Affairs Department (DJZ) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been involved from the beginning
of the NLA program on international law
for decision-making.
DJZ outlined the risks inherent in international law that were associated with the granting of support to moderate armed opposition groups in Syria. It is indicated that the civil nature of
the aid limited the risk of conflict with international law “

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pick-up trucks in Syria

Here they would like to prove, that what they supported was just non-lethal-assistance. Which is in contradiction with question number 1, were they admit, that they have send pick-up-trucks, who can be used for fighting (weapons can be put onto the trucks). They are trying to justify their act of war, by saying they did it on a “civil nature” to avoid the risk of a conflict with International  Law”, on the other hand they send cash to the terrorist to pay for their salary. Also, a violation of International Law, to pay terrorist to kill the Syrian people, beccause, that is what they did, kill innocent Syrian people and soldiers.


The Dutch government did not only send equipment, like pick-up-trucks for fighting combat, but also paid the salaries of what they called “moderate” rebels, which were in reality terrorists, who killed and displaced the Syrian people.

According to International Law and the UN, they are quilty of waging an “illegal” war on a sovereign state and should be repaying the state of Syria, without preconditions or colonialism aspirations.

Source:, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BUZA)


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