Homs – The Farouq Brigade – sponsored by the West – destruction of Homs

Homs – a soldier walking pass the train station of Homs.
Photo: Sonja van den Ende

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Update – During my visit (twice), last week to Homs, I discovered some new facts about what was really going on, during the years 2011 – 2014, when Homs was the scene of fierce battles, between the Syrian government forces – the SAA – and the so-called “rebels”, who where largely sponsored by the West, the main sponsors were the EU ( mainly Germany, France, The UK, the Netherlands and other states), Qatar, the Wahabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the US.

The largest group was the Farouq brigade, who conquered the districts of Khalidiya, Dier Baalbah and Bab Amr. Their commander was Abdul Razaq Tlass . A nephew of the former Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass , who defected or rather betrayed the Syrian government for his own purposes, to gain power in Syria.

Tlass and his supporters (mainly Sunni) were viewed by many as opponents of the liberalization, pursued by Bashar al-Assad, he wanted to maintain Syria’s hardline policy ; but also fighting for his own established privileges, having been heavily involved in government corruption. In February 2002 in the Jordanian daily Al Dustour, stated that Tlass submitted his letter of resignation to Bashar al-Assad, and was set to step down in July 2002. He left the country, angry to have lost his status and privileges he flew to France, were he had high connections in the French government (Sarkozy).

When the so-called revolution began, as we know now, it was a coup from the Western governemnt and the US, he quickly appointed his nephew Abdul Razaq Tlass and formed the Farouq brigade (Tlass was born in Rastan, Homs area), with support of France. This brigade was merciless and radiclized, had no compassion for the other minorities like the Christians or Alawites.

Map of Homs, Wikipedia

In September 2012, a large number of Islamist rebel brigades, including the Farouq Brigades and the Suquor al-Sham formed the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front, under the leadership of Suquor al-Sham commander Ahmed Abu Issa. The Farouq brigade was one of the brigades who joined and radicalized quickly. According to western media outlets, it was all a big lie, that the Farouq Brigades threathend the Christians (they supposedly asked the Jesuits – Father Frans van der Lugt, who was killed by them), according to the western media outlets they fled on their own account.

A sign of life in the Bayada – Khalidiya district Homs
Photo: Claudius Lucassen

This is part of the huge lies, going on for more then 8 years, these brigades were a treath to Alawites, Christians, Sunnies, who didn’t comply, the West quickly, like they always do, made it a “religious war”, which in fact was not the case. Jihadist, or rather to be called Takfiri, have no religion, in none of the books, Bible or Quran, it’s decribed, the methods of terror, they used on the Syrian people. It’s an ideology, made in Western countries with Wahabi ideology (Saudi Arabia).

The terrorists used the method of killing, taking hostage or made the people of the conquered districts like Bayada, Khalidiya, Al- Hamadiya (city – centre) flee their houses, they took over the districts, drilled holes in their houses, to combat the Syrian Army. A documentary (with support of the west) was made about them, they were “heroes”in the Western media, actually they killed many “innocent”people”forcing them to flee out of their houses, killing them or took them as human shields. Shame on Western governments who still support them and call them “rebels”.

Propaganda by the West: The Return to Homs. The Return to Homs is a 2013 Syrian-German documentary film written and directed by Talal Derki. … The film also premiered in-competition in the World Cinema Documentary Competition at 2014 Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2014. It won the Grand Jury Prize award at the festival. Like the White Helmets, the West needed propaganda to justify their crimes against humanity, nearly all “refugees”who fled to the West, were against Assad, meaning there was no choice, otherwise the people were called terrorists, who supported a mass murder. So sick is Western society, they don’t care about the truth and still continue with their lies.
Many of the people of these area’s who collaborated with the Takfiri (local Takfiri), fled in 2015 to Europe, most of them are (large parts) are uneducated and already in early days – before the conflict, joined organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood.

The story of Mohamed Rahmoun

Dr. Mohamad Rahmoun took us around Homs and tolled us every detail about the “real story” what actually happened in Homs.

He is a resident of Homs (together with family) and refused to fly the besieged city, he never thought something like this would happen. Studied in the US, he heard stories about “a plan”, to destroy 7 countries, but didn’t believe (axes of evil George Bush Jr.) but now he believes and like many of them call the Western governments, (myself included), the criminals of the world, who destroyed Syria.

He showed me his “old house”, which was destroyed by the Takfiri, his father used to have a mini-market there. This was one of the houses the family owned. Another one was in what is called “new – Homs, just outside the boundries of Homs, it used to be an oasis of green and nice appartment buildings. This house was still there, but a lot of Takfiri have taken over this area, you could see men with beards, women totally veiled, walking around there, the “rebels” of the Western governments who destroyed a high civilization, a criminal act, the Western governments should be judged and punished for their crimes.

Dr. Mohamad Rahmoun, in his old “family” house, what used be his livingroom, his father had a mini-market next door. In his hand ammunition still lying around.
Photo: Claudius Lucassen
Dr. Mohamed Rahmoun’s house, right the living room, left the mini-market. Ironically a huge tree is growning inside the house.
Photo: Claudius Lucassen

I could write many more stories about Syria, of what I have experienced the last weeks and I will do, coming weeks, in English and Dutch.

To be continued….

Source: Dr. Mohamad Rahmoun, Wikipedia, Al-Dustour, Sonja van den Ende, Claudius Lucassen


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