The Dutch Government Funded Terrorist In Syria For Combat

The Dutch assistance to the so-called Syrian rebels was explicitly intended for combat, as can be read from documents at the “Rijksoverheid”. This is in stark contrast to statements by Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok in the Lower House, where he stated that the aid was “civil in nature”. The Dutch government unwillingly disclosed information that has previously been classified as a state secret.

The documents were released following an appeal to the Government Information (Public Access) Act and shed new light on the Dutch role in the Syrian conflict. In September I reported on the Dutch so-called aid program to Syrian battle groups. It turned out that these battle groups committed human rights violations and were even previously labeled as “terrorists” by the Dutch government. I wrote about it in my former articles.

Now it appears, after allegations and debate, that almost all goods supplied by the Netherlands have been used by the Syrian terrorist groups (consisting also of Al-Nusra and later on ISIS, or DAESH) for the military battle and killing many innocent Syrians. Not only were pick-up trucks used in assault missions, but the Netherlands also supplied “tactical vests” for weapons such as the M-16 and AK-47. In addition, allegedly innocent items such as food packages, generators, and furniture had military value: primarily to boost the morale of the fighters. Laptops were used to select military targets.

The Jabhat al-Shamiya terror group thanked the Dutch government for their food and said it was delicious, also they thanked the government for the weapons and Toyota Pick-ups. Also, they thanked the EU and the UN migration office. After they lost the battles in Aleppo and Homs, they migrated to the EU, the offices of the UN were marked on the walls in Homs, I saw them during my Syrian trip in December 2018.

Homs, Syria, where the terrorist had an open invitation to come to Europe. The Syrian people, which I spoke back then couldn’t believe the invitation, which started in 2016-17, were many terrorists went to Europe. The invitation is stamped on the walls, in the hideouts of the terrorist, when they lost, the UN helped them migrate to Europe.
Picture: Homs December 2018 – Sonja van den Ende

The Levant Front‎, Jabhat al-Shamiyah, also called the Sham Front or the Levantine Front is a Syrian rebel group based around Aleppo involved in the Syrian conflict. It was formed in December 2014. The Netherlands public prosecutor has declared it to be a terrorist organization in 2018, despite the Dutch government having earlier provided it with support. The group announced its reactivation on 18 June 2016, after it was dissolved in 2015 when the Syrian Army recaptured eastern-Aleppo. Its new leader is Abu Amr, who was an Ahrar ash-Sham commander. So the Dutch government supported the Levant Front, also called Jahbat al-Shamiyah and resulted because the merged with Ahrar-ash-Sham.

Ahrar al-Sham had worked with ISIL until the two groups began their present-day hostilities with one another in January 2014. During Ahrar al-Sham’s presence in Deir Ez-Zor, after capturing oil fields from the Syrian government alongside other opposition groups, the group alongside the al-Nusra Front and Jaysh al-Islam co-signed a request asking ISIL’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to mediate a dispute over an oil field that was captured.

In July 2017, in ISIS’s online newspaper al-Naba, ISIL mentioned Ahrar al-Sham as having previously shown, what it considers good Islamic character, and mentioned that in past disputes between Ahrar al-Sham and ISIL, Ahrar al-Sham had resolved disputes in a way in accordance to Sharia law.

In February 2018 Ahrar al-Sham and the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement merged and formed the Syrian Liberation Front then launched an offensive against Tahrir al-Sham seizing several villages and the city of Maarrat al-Nu’man.

The fact is that Nour al-Din-al-Zenki beheaded an eleven-year-old Syrian-Palestinian boy in Handarat camp, Aleppo and distributed the pictures and video’s on show on the Internet. The US and also the Dutch government considered Nour al-Din-al-Zenki, not a terrorist group.

CARGO IN SYRIA found at ISIS strongholds send from the Netherlands. Weapons and ammunition. The strategic city of Al-Mayadeen was liberated by the SAA (Syrian Arab Army)in October 2017. What they found was incredible, a huge amount of weapons, so much you’ve never seen before.
The SAA found a huge stockpile of machine guns, including weapons, when ISIS left the city in their despair and ran for their lives, a huge supply of ammunition and weapons remained.
What outlines the amazement, or rather the astonishment but a confirmation of suspicions, CONTAINERS FULL WITH AMMUNITION (and maybe Radioactive Warheads) DESTINED FROM SCHIPHOL NETHERLANDS TO SYRIA.
Inline afbeelding 1
The boxes found in Al-Mayadeen Syria: On this picture the sender: BREGUETLAAN 7, 1438BA OUDE MEERN, the NETHERLANDS.
Looking at Google gives  the following result
At the Bruetlaan 7, oude Meern, is  warehouse/company  named:

It is indicative of the circumstances under which the Dutch so-called NLA (Non-Lethal Assistance) program was implemented. The help to Syrian battle groups was not directly given to those battle groups themselves. The Dutch so-called Syria team, which carried out the “non-lethal” relief supplies program, never went to Syria. It smuggled the goods into Syria by two companies: an American company that played a controversial role in Cuba, and an unknown, very closed Turkish company . The goods were transported through Schiphol Airport to most likely the above-mentioned companies or their business partners, who distributed the “goods” to the terrorist. Both companies are not transparent and their real ” business” stays in the dark.

The Dutch Spy

The Dutch Spy, who worked for the AIVD in Turkey. Called by the Dutch media A.Z.

Let’s call him Mr. X, this Mr. X operated from the Dutch consulate in Istanbul. On a separate floor, he worked with the so-called Syria team on the secret NLA program. According to various sources, he worked for the Dutch secret service (AIVD). The Dutch Syria envoy often received Syrian so-called opposition leaders in Istanbul, Mr. X went on a regular basis to the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep, close to the Syrian border. Gaziantep, where James le Mesurier was murdered, were the tweets from BANA came from and the Head Quarter of the terrorist groups.

There in Gaziantep, he spoke with leaders and commanders of the terrorist groups. The leader of the Sultan Murad Brigade, Ahmed Osman, even thought Mr. X was in charge of the Dutch Syria team, so often he spoke with the spy.

The Sultan Murad Division was an armed terrorist group in the Syrian conflict, created around Syrian Turkmen identity. It is aligned with the so-called Syrian opposition and is heavily supported by Turkey, who provides funding and military training along with artillery and aerial support. It is the most notable group among Syrian Turkmen Brigades supported by Turkey.  By 2016, the group claimed to have around 1,300 fighters.  In mid-2017, it formed the “Sultan Murad Bloc” with other units within the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army. It is now fighting alongside Turkey in Northern Syria, Idlib

We continue with Mr. X: How crucial his role was, came to light in March this year (2019). He was arrested by the Turkish authorities. The Turkish government accuses him of espionage: it is said that he has gathered information about the alleged ties between IS and Turkey, and also had conversations about the situation in the Kurdish region of Afrin. The entire NLA program stopped shortly after his arrest. According to the so-called Syrian rebels and other parties involved in the program, the arrest and the end of the NLA program were not unrelated.


The Netherlands was supplying the terrorists in Syria, through Schiphol Airport they sent goods to Syria fro combat. The Dutch government knew already under the then Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders ( PvdA – Social Democrats, who has a ” reputation” in Africa), that the war, was a war from ” outside”, conducted by the US in cooperation with the EU, they sponsored terrorist which caused many civilian deaths and left the country in rubbles. Furthermore, they used Dutch Taxpayers’ money for their illegal war in Syria.



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