Father Daniel From Qara, Syria About Corona And The World

We’ve had so many viruses, they say, as well as seasonal flu every year. Before this, the basic rights of the citizens were never abolished as for Covid-19! Father Daniel, Brother Jean, the lovely sisters from France, Syria, Lebanon and Southern America and a few of the children who live in the monastery. Monastery Mar Yacub, Qara, Syria

Dear Friends,

The world seems to have gone completely crazy with the corona virus. Some 70 medical (top) specialists from all over the world (United Health Professionals) make an urgent appeal to immediately discard all fear and all coercive measures (isolation, keeping your distance, mouth masks, unreliable tests and dangerous vaccines) due to corona. In a sober, scientifically-based 24-point statement, they explain that these mandatory measures are based on fear, without any medical knowledge. They advocate good daily hygiene by washing hands thoroughly. We’ve had so many viruses, they say, as well as seasonal flu every year. Before this, the basic rights of the citizens were never abolished as now during the covid-19.

Covid-19 is highly contagious they say! According to them: not true. SARS-COV-2 is moderately contagious, much less than e.g. measles. A new virus? H1N1 (from 2009) and others were also new and none of these measures were taken. We don’t have a vaccine yet! When H1N1 came on, we didn’t have a vaccine either. This virus is much more deadly! According to them: not true. From November 1 to March 31, there were 860,000 cases and 40,000 deaths, while during the same period for the flu there were 420 million cases and 270,000 deaths. The number announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) was grossly exaggerated. The coronavirus was 3 times less deadly than the 2009 virus and 10 times less than that of 2012. Covid-19 is a serious disease! According to them: not true. It is a benign disease for the population in general and 99% curable. There is no danger to children and pregnant women. Corona causes overcrowded hospitals! According to them: not true. In certain areas there was a large influx (Lombardy in Italy, New York in the US). What only applies to 4 hospitals and cannot be attributed to 1000 hospitals.

What can you do in concrete terms?

Cancel your daily, weekly and monthly magazines and shut down your TV. By diligently following the news there every day, you risk becoming “politically correct” and lose your own objective conviction to serve the mafia of the war industry in particular.

If you want to work more gradually, you can keep a much-loved paper for now ( for example crossword puzzles) and use your TV exceptionally for a report or a movie. You now have more time for your family members, which can significantly increase the quality of life. For the news, you can find many good channels on the Internet where you can read reports from real journalists, broadening and uplifting your heart and your mind. (If you want I can give you some good sources). Furthermore, you now have time for good reading. Take the New Testament and quietly and carefully read a small portion daily, starting with the Gospel of Matthew. You will be amazed how your personal relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ is positively changing your life in the shortest time. When you go for a walk, walk into an old church or cathedral and let the beauty and harmony of it come over you. If you notice how the cathedral forms a harmonious unity around a center, it can help you to (re) discover the unity and the center of your own life.


Experts want the coercive measures to be abolished because they cause catastrophic consequences: “suicides of frightened people as reported in China, development of psychiatric pathologies, paralysis of education for university students, negative impact and danger by the animals, neglect of other (especially chronic) diseases, increase death rates, increase in partner violence, economic losses, unemployment, major economic crisis …, serious consequences for agriculture, disruption of countries and social peace, danger of war breaking out … ”.

We refuse, according to the group, to do away with our social contacts for a benign virus. They ask: stop censoring experts and professionals who tell the truth; stop mixing people who die “with” and “with” corona. Someone who is infected, successfully treated and cured and later dies of a heart attack is still reported as having died of corona. Some hospitals receive hefty reimbursements for adding these figures. They support the experts who warn against dangerous treatment with incubation (insertion of a tube).

Virological tests should be thoroughly revised, they say. They are unreliable and cannot be verified. A flu affects 1 billion people every year (30 times more than corona) and no test is needed for people who want to travel. Don’t let TV and media frighten you for corona. A flu or tuberculosis is much worse. Wash your hands well, the rest is nonsense. Mouth and nose are not made to be covered. Masks increase fear and cravings for vaccines. This group of scientists is also calling for a stop to pointless disinfection’s, masks and tests.

They call upon governments to put an end to their purely dictatorial behavior, which is politics, not science. These scientists also call on the law enforcement authorities to refuse irresponsible coercive measures in maintaining order. Don’t be an instrument of a dictatorship. They call
citizens to peacefully shake off all folly, injustice and dictatorship. There is no scientific justification whatsoever for keeping social distance in interactions with each other. They are very strict for the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is largely funded by pharmaceutical companies and advocacy groups that undermine independence and science. The declaration of corona as a pandemic, they say, is the greatest medical scandal of the century, a waste of public funds and a stirring of irresponsible fear. Those responsible must be investigated and brought to justice.


How is it possible that so many countries (except Belarus and Sweden) have blindly followed WHO’s futility and dictators? These experts ask governments to stop following the predictions of mathematical computer models for epidemics because they have no connection with reality. For example, a university predicted that 50,000 Britons would die from mad cow disease. In fact, there were 177 of them. From the bird flu 200 million people would die, in fact, there were 282. The rector of this university received an annual salary of £ 116,000 from a vaccine manufacturer! Professor Didier Raoult calls this “modern divination”. “We refuse compulsory vaccination and we refuse a compulsory certificate of vaccination against corona to travel”. They explain in detail why. They also fiercely protest against the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which has concluded an agreement with several countries and was granted immunity against any damage claims. So it is the countries themselves that will compensate the victims with tax money. They are asking for a massive protest against this scandalous agreement. The hospitals, air traffic, the economy, the schools… have to work as usual immediately. We are victims, this group says, of the biggest health scam of the 21st century. According to noted Thai-German microbiologist Professor Sucharit Bhakti, we live under excessive coercive measures that are absurd, very dangerous and have a terrible impact on the global economy. He calls them nothing less than self-destructive and a collective suicide.

Finally, these experts are asking the people to protest peacefully but massively and resolutely against this dictatorship.

P. Daniel



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