Mar Yakub Mar Moussa, Pater Daniel – Syrië, Oekraïne en de Donbas

In de jaren 2016, 2017 en 2019 verbleef ik weken in het Mar Yacub Klooster Qara, Syrië, ontving de gastvrijheid van Pater Daniël een Belgische priester die al meer dan dertig jaar in Syrië woont. Ook werd ik hartelijk ontvangen door de

The Dissident Alexander Solzjenitsyn Saw it coming – 2021 – by P. Daniel

During these two decades he gave many lectures in the West, but the most controversial lecture was his speech on June 8, 1978 to the students of Harvard University (USA). He strongly criticized materialism in both the West and the East. His

A Message From Father Daniel About The Terror Syria And The World is Facing

Dear Friends, In recent years, many people from Europe and elsewhere have come to visit us in the monastery in Syria,to see for themselves what is happening in Syria. They quickly understood that what the mainstream media writes about is usually the

Father Daniel From Qara, Syria About Corona And The World

Dear Friends, The world seems to have gone completely crazy with the corona virus. Some 70 medical (top) specialists from all over the world (United Health Professionals) make an urgent appeal to immediately discard all fear and all coercive measures (isolation, keeping

Hope Is Gone, Evil Has Taken Over, We Are At War With The Western Leaders – Father Daniel – Belgium Priest In Syria

A letter from Father Daniel Dear Friends, A deep disappointment and a fatigue together with the regular and unanimous will to deal with this increasingly difficult situation continue to help each other, that is, as far as I can tell it, the

A Message From Father Daniel, Qara, Syria, To The World About The Caeser Act

Father Daniel, (right) and the Brothers and Sisters, in Syria, Qara, where they spent their life in helping the Syrian people, in Mar Yacub Monastery, over the years they witnessed the atrocities from the Jihadist and their support which came from Europe