Former JAG Officer Richard Black Warns of a Potential Military Coup Against Trump

Will president Trump be removed or even murdered? The answer is most probably yes! Why, you might ask? I will give you a full analysis and details below. We are in for very rough times, in the US, but also in Europe and the rest of the world!

We are at the crossroad of the extinction of human kind and are in a very dangerous situation, much more serious than the cold war or for that matter the second world war! With other words we are on the brink of world war three. Never ever in the last decade was there so much hatred and ignorance, nuclear war or accident is looming. The ordinary population is brainwashed with some sort of mind-control, the Internet of all things and the Western world has made COVID-19 into a mass hypnosis – mind control. The real danger comes from the deep-state or as many calls it the former British Empire (BE) who is still controlling the world since 250 years, starting with the Dutch East India Company, the plundering of Africa and countries like Indonesia and many more colonies owned by the BE. The British Empire is the former Empire of the UK, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Germany and later added the deep-state of the US. They own and manipulate Wall Street, the City of London, were they conduct the casino-gambling economy and the intelligence agencies like MI5 and MI6, who are through the Statecraft Institute performing, in cooperation with the CIA, NASA color revolutions in different countries and provoked wars Syria, Ukraine and Libya. This time, to my opinion, they have gone too far, by bringing their color revolution into their own country, the US, which will lead to world war three, as we can see happening already!

The attempted coup or perhaps even the Murder of President Trump

According to retired General, former head of the Army‘s Criminal Law Department and former Senator of the state of Virginia in the US; president Trump will be murdered, if he will win the election in November this year, his murder will most likely take place on January 21 2021, one day after his inauguration as president.

Retired Senator Richard Black of Virginia says he has first hand evidence, that there will be a military coup in the US, the 17th Infantry division, who by law, has to protect the US and is on high alert. The high ranking generals of the US like General Miller and the famous liar general Colin Powell (Iraq war – George Bush – UN lies) agreed together with retired general James Mattis financed by the Cinton‘s, Obama‘s and George Soros organizations are planning the murder of President Donald Trump, if he gets re-elected in November. A deja-vu, president John F. Kennedy was murdered as well, most likely for the similar reasons – the deep state didn‘t want him, to make peace or at least a truce with the former Sovjet-Union. The Mob which was very powerful in these days collaborated with the CIA. Until now his murder wasn‘t solved, but today we live in the age of the Internet, so the truth comes out more quickly than in 1963.

President Trump is now in a difficult position, fighting against the deep state, who wants to murder him. Many people are wondering if he is not part of the deep-state? Complicated, he was most likely part of the mob, but their role is not relevant anymore, not for the war we are facing now. The deep-state, as it becomes clear, day-by-day, is consisting of some billionaires, like Bill Gates, George Soros, the Clinton‘s, the Obama‘s and the Bushes, there is no difference anymore between Democrat or Republican politicians. Republicans as well as Democrats are involved in the so-called Russia-gate. The real power is in the hands of the Pentagon, the military establishment, NSA, FBI, CIA, Wall street, the City of London (Statecraft institute) and the billionaires, their aim is a one-world government, as George Bush Sr. announced in his speech, after the so-called liberation after the first Gulf-war against Iraq!

The recent actions of president Trump, he thinks about pardoning Edward Snowden, the NSA-defector, the withdrawal of the vaccination program of the WHO and Astrazeneca. He also mentioned that he has no signs that Navalny was poisoned, another blow, the deep-state wants a war with Russia. W.a.w, he wants to eliminate or fight the deep-state and their plans, the deep-state is therefore on high-alert and most likely will start to make mistakes as we can see these days!

His only obsession is the state of Israel, which most likely has to do with son-in-law Kushner and his previous involvement wit the Mob, the Mob had two prominent gangs the Italian and the Jewish. Trump his former deceased lawyer was from the Jewish Mob. Roy Cohn was a well-know lawyer and Mob member. Also, his recent lawyer, after he became president Michael Cohn is linked to the Mob, or at least his family members.


The deep-state wants Joe Biden, their puppet to win, it doesn‘t matter in which way, fraud will be imminent. But if they play their fraud not well, Trump will be murdered by a military coup, starting 21 January 2021. The US is facing it‘s own color-revolution which is resulting now already in a civil-war. The US is collapsing and will be faced with more violence. Europe will also be the scene of a civil-war, because the elites of Europe (politicians) are under the influence of the deep-state of the US, desperately fighting against the influence from China and Russia. Already signs of social unrest is to be seen in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK and will increase over the months! The COVID-19 so-called pandemic was just the trigger, there is no way back anymore!



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