A Message From Father Daniel About The Terror Syria And The World is Facing

Brother Jean from Belgium, working in the vegetable garden of the Monastery

Dear Friends,

In recent years, many people from Europe and elsewhere have come to visit us in the monastery in Syria,to see for themselves what is happening in Syria. They quickly understood that what the mainstream media writes about is usually the opposite of the truth. Nearly all testify that they cannot share this reality with their own family or closest circle of acquaintances because they are not believed. After all, the majority of people need a clear label. Which they get from the media. Even when they repeat the crudest lies over and over, they become the truth to the majority of people – including believers, ecclesiastical, and intellectual circles. Only a small minority, is able to distance themselves sufficiently from the hustle and bustle and appearance of this world, seem able to see through its outward trappings and deceit. They are then ridiculed by the majority and presented as being anti-social. In the depths of the Soviet times, some Russians knew that what Pravda (Truth -newspaper) continued to proclaim with great emphasis was a lie and what was repeatedly presented as a lie was actually their reality. Our mainstream media has now fallen to this level of what was then Pravda.

Helpers from France, Theofan , Belgium Mark and of course a Syrian, at the monastery, I know them all personally!

Whenever the Syrian army and its allies were able to free part of the Syrian people from the terrorists, our Western media reported a spectacular story of chemical attack, bombs, attacks on hospitals or torture carried out by the Syrian army. The vast majority of Syrian civilians saw that the crimes were planned or invented by the West itself to prevent further liberation of the country. Most of the others had no idea of ​​this.

All the lovely sister making small rabbits to sell, for a bit of extra income for the surivival of the monastery and the people

The Belgium VRT news (and the Dutch NOS) has now been warning for weeks about so-called fake news about the covid-19. The simple and proven drug hydroxychloroquine would not be effective or even dangerous, the coronavirus would be much more dangerous than the regular seasonal flu, Bill Gates and the big pharmaceutical companies would hardly have anything to do with the whole thing around the corona. Last week we explicitly spoke to experts and top medics from all over the world who, along with many others, convincingly demonstrate the opposite.

Now the so-called Russian dissident Alexei Navalny is at the center of the attention of the Western media. Poisoned by the most contagious and deadliest Novichok! How come he is still alive (like Sergei and Ylia Skripak)? How come no one else is infected? Would Putin (with 80% popularity), a master of diplomatic discretion, poison a dissident (with less than 5% popularity) and then leave for Germany to make the poisoning public? Although there is no evidence whatsoever, Western speakers unanimously shout that Putin must be punished! Couldn’t it be just another false flag operation by the CIA to scrap the still common Covid-19 vaccine that was surprisingly first marketed by Russia? Or to still block the cheap gas supply from Russia to Germany and Europe along the Nordstream 2 (which is about to be completed)?

Artemis in zakken geplukt, klaar voor de verkoop

The Western Media now describes the French president Macron as the savior of Lebanon. However, Lebanese and Syrian Christians were particularly unpleasantly surprised when the French offered the North Syrian Sandrak Alexandrette (Iskenderun) as a gift to the Turks in 1939. Thus it was given to Antioch, where St. Peter was bishop and from which St. Paul spread the Christian faith, it was the capital of the Christian East, beacon of art and culture and seat of several patriarchates of Eastern churches. Once majestic Antioch in Syria is now Antakya, the capital of Turkey’s Hatay province, where its glorious Christian past has been expertly obliterated. France supposedly had a special relationship with the Maronite patriarchate! Since then, France has done nothing but help strangle Lebanon and Syria, “the tender mother to Christians in the East”, with dramatic consequences especially for Christians. The appearance of the media is in stark contrast to reality.

P. Daniel



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