Security Council Wants To Review The Syrian Chemical Attacks To Blame Assad Again!

A new fake chemical attack in Syria was filmed | Geopolitica.RU
On the evening of September 10, the Security Council reconvened not to discuss the political or humanitarian situation in Syria, but to ask seemingly persistent questions about the stocks of chemical weapons in Syria; an issue resolved by the repeatedly claimed destruction of the affected file, including by the OPCW / UN JOINT MISSION (JIM) coordinator responsible for its decommissioning.

“A US special envoy comes to Turkey to interview Turkish security officers and the “White Helmets” terrorists organization (they belong to Al-Queda) to prepare a chemical weapons attack in a densely populated region of Idlib and to blame (again) the Syrian military. Turkey will work with its terrorists Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Al Nousra) and Jahbat-al-Nusra to carry out the attack. The chemical material will be delivered by trucks as “humanitarian aid”. For the protection of the terrorists in the area of ​​Jabal Al-Zawiya 2000 gas masks and 3000 injections are provided. This is a message that is not conveyed by any of the mainstream media”. In his speech, by Dr Bashar al- Jafaari, permanent Syrian representative to the UN, who shared the news at the UN Security Council General Assembly on September 10, 2020.

According to General Alexander Greenkiewicz, head of the Russian coordination center, a media campaign is indeed being prepared for this, with photo/video material for foreign correspondents of the Main Stream Media. Vassily Nebenzia, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN, also notes that the chemical attacks have been perpetrated by terrorists to date and it is the countries that support them that continue to accuse Syria of conducting chemical attacks.

This meeting of the UN Security Council on September 10, was not to discuss the political or humanitarian situation in Syria and not to end the state terrorism of the US, Israel, Turkey, England and France against Syria. On the contrary, it’s only about Syria’s allegedly use of chemical weapons. In June 2014, Sigrid Kaag (now leader of the Dutch D’66 political party in the Netherlands), in 2014 she was the chemical weapons destruction coordinator for the UN, presented her official report and demonstrated that Syria had fulfilled all obligations and that all chemical weapons in Syria have been disposed. This was then officially confirmed by the OPCW (Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons) itself.

Since then, no fewer than 84 sessions, almost monthly, have been devoted to the “chemical dossier” to keep Syria’s so-called obsession with the use of chemical weapons alive. In that sense, the umpteenth report is now being presented. With no evidence whatsoever of Syria’s involvement, it is still raining vague innuendo, with the report of the incident in Khan Sheikhoun (South of Idlib province, April 4, 2017; a week later, the US, UK and France gave themselves the right to bomb Syria without any evidence!) is the pinnacle. Syria has been accused no less than 32 times with words such as: it is likely, allegedly, it is possible, they say …

Everything is still in the same style of (the lying) US General Colin Powell who came to the UN Security Council to “prove” that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Similarly, US Secretary of State John Kelly said of the major chemical attack in Ghouta (Damascus, August 2013) that it was “most likely” committed by Syria (while parents from villages in Lattakia recognized their children in Ghouta’s videos two weeks earlier, but they were kidnapped by terrorists!).

There is also the accusation that Syria committed a chemical attack in 2018 by firing a cylinder at Douma (Damascus) from 5 km away. After all, a cylinder was found intact on a bed in a bedroom without any damage to the house. Syrian Permanent Representative Dr. Bashar al-Jaafri calls this the eighth wonder of the world! It shows the attack was fake and staged.
The boy portrayed as a ‘victim’ in a video of the alleged chemical attack in Douma has told a Russian TV crew that he was asked to go to hospital, where people “grabbed” him and started “pouring water” over his head. Panic, fear, screaming adults and frightened children featured in the purported footage of the aftermath following the alleged chemical attack in the Eastern Ghouta city. The video has been circulated by mainstream media since April 7 2018 after being posted by the so-called Douma Revolution group.

Anyone who thinks for a moment understands that the Syrian army will not commit a dangerous chemical attack. It would not only be dangerous but also primeval. On the other hand, there is countless evidence of chemical attacks by terrorists, supported by the Western powers. Syria has already sent more than 200 letters to the UN about this with the necessary indications. No response has been received to any letter.

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In Khan al-Assal (Aleppo), dozens of soldiers and civilians were killed in a chemical attack on 19 March 2013. The Syrian government itself asked the then Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to set up a commission and to conduct an investigation. Until today nothing has been done for this. “Another certainty is that only Europeans have used poison gas: Germans against the French and vice versa during WWI, the Italians in Ethiopia and Libya, the Americans in Vietnam, in Cambodia and in Laos. After all, the Americans dropped atomic bombs on Japan. So, you see, only Westerners have used weapons of mass destruction, nobody else Dr. Bachar al-Jaafari, said on September 10, in a speech to the Security Council.



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