Lockdown Refugees

Hotel Corona in Skopje, Macedonia

Since my arrival in Skopje, Macedonia, last week, I can see many European faces, since a few days. People are running off from the UK, Germany, Austria, Australia and the Netherlands. The countries were the heaviest lockdowns are put in place and according to the regular MSM from especially Germany and the Netherlands, who are again united since 8 May 1940, when Germany invaded the Netherlands, more misery to come.

Today, the two countries, who are now united in Corona lockdowns, announced their new plans for April. More lockdowns, but we are living already under severe imprisonment, since one year, so actually no need for press conferences. Many people now suspect that the corona crisis is used for political purposes only, as I wrote many times before, in my articles, indeed is all for the “green” new deal and the Big Reset.

In Germany, even supermarkets are closed from 1-6 April, Easter for Christians, will be a bad one, just like Christmas and so on. The only answer from the failing governments is lockdowns, 3rd wave, mutations, propaganda about vaccins, night after night, day after day, it’s shown on national TV, which drive people crazy. No income, no jobs, no freedom it’s even worse than in prison, there you have more rights.

Last weekend, these above mentioned countries, saw severe outbreaks of upheavel, not from the side of the demonstrators, but police brutality. Which is unprecedented in the once prosperous and democratic countries, who became the worse in the world. In The Netherlands even veterans from various so-called peace-missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, former Joegoslavia and Lebanon were protesting and opposing police violence like water canons and were beaten-up by a so-called police arrest team.

Army veterans at the Museumplein Amsterdam the Netherlands, protesting the Lockdown and Government.

Also, in Germany, Kassel and other cities, brough thousands of protesters on the streets, in Londen , Sydney, Vienna you could see the same picture, it’s was organized, globally, people are sick and tired of the incompetent and criminal governments, who have put them in prison, without parole and no income. The mortlity rate of the virus is 0.03%, as can be seen at the chart below.

lockdown refugees

Many people are searching for a better life, or at least escape, temporarily, the madness and imprisonment of these Western countries and searching for a way out, to live a little bit of a normal life, because, as the leaders of Germany and the Netherlands said: ‘we will never go back to normal, this is the new normal’.

So, people look for countries, were the “normal” life, of course, under some restrictions, like masks, or earlier closing of shops and restaurants, is still functioning, where you can go to a shop, without a “corona-pasport”, without leaving your name, address, or get in by an APP. The normal life , as we knew it, before they started with a virus, which they use, for total surveillance and AI (Artifical Intelligence), a low mortality virus has become the new tool for the NWO to break and depopulate us. Resistance is the only thing left, we can do for ourselves and try to avoid the grimm future for our children.



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