Yellow Vest – the Netherlands, banner with “White Helmets are fake news”.

Maurice Fonhof and Miquel Engelen from the Yellow the Netherlands, said to the NOS (regular Dutch Media ), that the yellow vests, who demonstrated last saturday in front of the NOS building, are not “left nor right, but for the people. One of their topics was the “White Helmets”, which they call the “fake”terror al-Queda organization, sponsored by the Dutch government. Picture: NOS.
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Much attention is going to the French yellow vest, but in other countries, like the Netherlands, the people are also sick and tired of the current government, the elite, as they call them.

The Netherlands are one of the most expensive countries of the EU, taxes are hight, the value added tax (BTW) has risen from 6 to 9%, public transport, like trains and busses are very expensive and the education system is horrible, with (high) loans for students. Universities prefer foreign students for money and the Ducth language is hardly being heard. English is the main language on universities, because of, all the foreigners and the US influence.

The “common” working clas people, are left aside, no political party isreally interested in them (exept a small fraction of the NCPN – New Communist Party), even the so-called Socialist party left them on their own. This in combination with all the “fake”news we are getting every day, brought by the NOS (8 o’clock news) about how great the country is and moreover, the huge lies about the wars they are conducting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Ukraine, Somalia, Syria and now the new attemped “regime-change” in Venezuela.

A (still minorty) bunch of people in the Netherlands are now seeing the truth, that millions of people have died because of their government and even worse they are sponsoring terrorist, like the ones in Syria .

Note: From 2012 up to 2015 it’s very clear they supported the so-called FSA (Free Syrian Army), who were established and made by the US and her allies, among them the Netherlands. But in 2015, things started to get really bad, when the US unleashed ISIS (made in Camp Bucca, like Abu-Bakr-al-Bagdadi, a.k.a Shimon Elliot). By then the Dutch government should have drawn a red line, knowing that they sponsor terrorists, but they continued doing so up to October 2018.

Clearly the White Helmets, was one on the “biggest” terror organization supported by the Dutch government, they even a headoffice in Amsterdam, a documentary in Hollywood/Netflix, but the are, as proven by many resources, journalist AL-QUEDA.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor white helmets in the netherlands
Picture: Latuff – Mintpress

The regular MSM and Dutch government are making fun of these people, who are gathered under the Yellow vest movement, but they will not laugh anymore, when they will become big like in France and I am sure they will, because, in the Netherlands, like the rest of Western Europe, the people are aging and the majority of the indigenous people will be around 50-60-70 years old. Especcially this group is very dissatisfied.


Mass migration, hig taxes, low pay, the elite who don’t know what the “common people” think, the campaign about “fake news from the EU, towards people and alternative media. The regular media who are only writing what is dictated to them and most of all, the “dirty wars” which killed millions of people and financed by the Dutch government and of course the Dutch taxpayer. European Spring has begun!

Even French “stars” like Brigitte Bardot is now supporting the Yellow Vest.

Bron: Wikipedia, NOS, Facebook Yellow Vest France – Brigitte Bardot


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