The polarization in the Netherlands after the election of Thierry Baudet

As I wrote in my last article, after the provincial elections: Thierry Baudet mentioned in his victory speech, that he has been called to the frontlines of the Netherlands, to save the Netherlands from a disastrous policy of Prime-minister Rutte, his VVD

The “Fake” victories from the US and it’s allies in Iraq and Syria

Of course, the US and it’s allies need this so-called “victory” over Daesh/ISIS. Their own man-made mercenaries, who were out of control and Trump is pre-occupied with a new regime-change in Venezuela. Also, his great “pal” , the Zionists leader Netanyahu, is

Yellow Vest – the Netherlands, banner with “White Helmets are fake news”.

Much attention is going to the French yellow vest, but in other countries, like the Netherlands, the people are also sick and tired of the current government, the elite, as they call them. The Netherlands are one of the most expensive countries

Gele hesjes – Frankrijk spreken- vele gewonden enkele doden door politiemacht en overheid.

Manifest – gele hesjes – Frankrijk MANIFEST Sinds 17 november 2018, van het kleinste dorp, tot de grootste stad in Frankrijk, zijn we opgestaan ​​tegen deze diep gewelddadige, onrechtvaardige en ondraaglijke samenleving. We laten ons niet los! We komen in opstand tegen het

De “Open Border Society”van George Soros geinfiltreerd in de EU en Europees Parlement

Het is officieel: het Europees parlement is nu in handen van het pro-migratie block, ondersteund door de “Open Border Society” van George Soros, gestemd en aangenomen 17 Januari 2019. Een donkere dag in de geschiedenis van de Europese Unie. Het pro-migratie block

The Migrants quota and the new European Spring

As I wrote before, the migrant-crisis, is a result of wars waged by the US and Western states (EU/NATO) in the Middle-east and Africa. The plan however, for these wars and letting in migrants (I don’t speak about real refugees) is also

European Spring Civil war has begun English version

The European spring – civil war – has begunBy Sonja van den Ende – January 8, 2019In Dutch (printed in Belgium by the Uitpers :…/europese-lente-burgeroorlog-is-be…/… It really started, the uprising, which I will call the “European Spring”, a variation of the Arab,