The Dissident Alexander Solzjenitsyn Saw it coming – 2021 – by P. Daniel

Putin inaugurates statue dedicated to Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn  | World | English edition | Agencia EFE
The Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn (+ Moscow 2008) was a courageous dissident in the former Soviet Union. Although he was decorated for his heroic behavior during World War I, he ended up in prison and in a labor camp for 8 years in 1945 for his criticism of Stalin. In 1962 his first novel: A day in the life of Ivan Denisovich was published, which hit society like a bombshell. In 1970 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature and in 1973 the meticulous account of life in the concentration camps, called the Gulag Archipelago, was published in Paris. He was exiled under Brezhnev in 1974 and rehabilitated 20 years later under Mikhail Gorbachev.

During these two decades he gave many lectures in the West, but the most controversial lecture was his speech on June 8, 1978 to the students of Harvard University (USA). He strongly criticized materialism in both the West and the East. His statements are prophetic for our time. Here are some thoughts from this discourse:

“The downfall of courage”. To the American students, convinced of their absolutely superior society, he says: “No, I do not take your society as a model for transforming mine.”

Although he acknowledged the inhumane and anarchy of the Soviet Union, he blamed the West for not having a soul and having become a society of the retarded with a very thin veneer of civilization. He stated:

“Politicians and intellectuals are speechless and paralyzed in the face of the threats and terror of the powerful powers. The media is so addicted to the mainstream fashion that in their blindness and lies they portray the villains as the great heroes of our time. Meanwhile, society flees into an increasingly materialistic life with unlimited freedom for a life of individual enjoyment. The law is also being legally amended for this. A devastating and irresponsible freedom leads to decadence. Western homage to human rights lacks a teaching of duties and falls to deadly mediocrity: “spiritual mediocrity paralyzes the most noble commitment in man”.

Man needs more than mere earthly, material happiness. Yes, he was created for happiness, but also for death. Man was created by God with an enduring responsibility to Him, but the West has cut ties with God. Solzhenitsyn paid homage to “the moral legacy of the Christian ages with their rich stores of mercy and sacrifice.” According to him, this human-centered way of life originated in the Renaissance as a reaction to the end of the Middle Ages, when human nature was too much repressed to glorify its spiritual nature. It will finally reveal itself in the time of the Enlightenment, which leads to a great eclipse. In the 15th century, especially in Italy, literature and art developed that no longer goes back to the Middle Ages, but to antiquity and Greek-Roman civilization. In the time of the Enlightenment (18th century) a “rational humanism” and a “humanist autonomy” will increasingly be formed as anthropocentrism. With its highly developed technology, the 20th century ends not only in a political impasse, but above all in a deep moral crisis, a painful mental void.

Solzhenitsyn has not seen the turn in the history of humanity as from the year 2020, but he has seen the causes of it. Man has broken with God and with the religious and the spiritually sublime. He sees himself as the measure of all things, his “consensus” determines what is good or evil. Not only has this destroyed every remnant of democracy, but there is also totalitarian control by a small elite of super billionaires, “the Davos cabal”. The independent scientific debate is being silenced. None of the current corona measures have been supported by a scientifically sound study. And the media only tells what this elite decides should be mentioned. It sets government policies, issues “socially correct” news in the media, adopts judicial decrees and decides on executive power. The six-monthly update of your vaccination will determine whether you are allowed to do / have something or not. A world of robots, programmed and directed by psychopaths, who reduce humanity to a number that is acceptable and controllable to them.

Father Daniel, a Belgian priest, residing in the desert of Syria, since many years, sees the developments in Europe, like Syrians and for that matter Russian as well. They see the destruction of European societies, not overnight, but a process, since many years, now at the height of its downfall.



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