A Message From Syria For The Western Powers, Who Destroyed Syria

Germany's extradition move sends strong message to Syria || AW

An impressive US convoy with seven heavily armed vehicles was on the outskirts of the village of Khirbet-al-Thiaba (Qamishli, Hassaka, North-east of Syria), this week. With their overwhelming military superiority, they are the rulers of the region, or at least they think like that, the reality is different. The convoy is about to enter the village. The civilians, especially men and boys, gathered and blocked the way. The US has all the military capabilities to kill and destroy the entire village but in the end, they are forced to return by the popular protest of unarmed boys and men. A report just released by the US military states:

” The number of American soldiers who commit suicide is more than four times higher than those killed in the “war on terror”.

It makes you wonder, are a lot of them depressed by killing innocent people and claiming it’s all because of the ‘evil’ Assad and his government, or worse are they there to bring democracy? The US and EU/NATO continents and countries who now themselves fall victim to the biggest technocratic revolution, which is depriving it’s citizens of all human rights and democracy, want to bring democracy? The US and NATO military personnel are slowly but surely seeing the truth, how they, the so-called ‘free’ western world, destroyed Syria.

After this encounter another uproar broke out, citizens from all walks of life protested again in front of the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) because the Turkish regime has once again cut off the water supply of one million citizens of Hasaka boycotting the Alouk water station: men, children, young and old, sheikhs, priests and bishops, are united against injustice, stand there and demand water!

These are everyday events that have virtually no military or political significance. Yet it is this unanimity of popular resistance against any foreign interference, in unity with the army, government and president, that will ultimately win, albeit with untold sacrifices. If we look at all the wars in history, if the population rises up than there is a good possibility to win, even without weapons, their spirit and love for their country is the decisive point, it was and always will be.

For years, the US and its allies have sent terrorists to Syria, given them weapons and money, trying to tear the country to pieces and eventually bring the people to their knees. The usual colonial western policy, the color-revolution: destroying land and people and then rebuilding it according to one’s own wishes, to become rich again (the West) and control the destroyed and rebuild countries as puppet states. Now that this has largely failed and the sovereignty of 70% of the country has been recaptured – with the support of Moscow-Tehran-Hezbollah-axis – they are still trying to protect and fortify as much as possible in Idlib, the territory of the terrorists, were different terrorist groups, the biggest among them is Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, they are ruling the poor Syrians, who couldn’t leave, because, of the simple fact, that they are poor, made poor by the West and their mercenaries. Before that, the border crossings outside Damascus’ control served to provide weapons and support to the terrorists under the pretext of “humanitarian aid to the population”. Damascus and its allies have consistently resisted this, but now suddenly the one remaining border crossing for “humanitarian aid” out of Damascus’ control is being unanimously accepted by all sides!

Moreover, Russia and Syria praise the unanimity in adopting this resolution! What is going on? According to Scott Ritter, a former US Marine Corps Intelligence officer, this is the beginning of a global approach to a solution by Idlib to lessen the loss of face of the US and allies. Both the US and Turkey must recognize that their continued support for terrorism to topple Bashar-al-Assad is futile and they must accept that their dream of a “change of government” is destroyed. There will be a wider diplomatic struggle for a thorough resolution of Idlib, Syria and the entire Middle-East!

Also, an important step was immediately taken. Wang Yi, head of Chinese diplomacy came to Damascus, he signed important contracts with the Syrian Minister Faisal-al-Mekdad and also with president Bashar al-Assad. Important treaties were signed on economic cooperation. China fully supports Syria’s policy of claiming sovereignty and territorial integrity without any foreign interference. The west is doing everything it can to hinder the rebuilding of Syria until it can take matters into its own hands, according to their wishes. This too is increasingly turning out to be a vain dream of the West. The real “international community” is increasingly turning out to be Eurasia, which will break the western arrogance and imperialistic dreams. Also, the cruel sanctions, called CAESAR-act, are killing the Syrian people, but now things will get better, the EU/NATO/US has driven Syria towards China, another country is lost for them. My guess is that in a few years the Middle-East is lost for Western countries and will be integrated into the EURASIA-axis, which will leave the EU and VS as “crumbling” empires, totally lost from common sense and reality, driven by a mad green policy deal, which in the end they need Africa and the ME again for raw materials like Cobalt for electrical cars and mobile phones, gas from Russia or oil from the ME. Because it’s an utopy to think that the whole of Europa can only survive on electric cars and solar energy only.

Newest Line of fire Not sure how this runs out eventually | Monitor Mideast

President Bashar al-Assad has always said that the reconstruction of Syria will only be done by Syria’s allies and not by the powers that have destroyed the country. Friendly countries can of course join Russia-Iran-China axis . At the last presidential election, it became clear that the president’s authority only has grown. Last Saturday, July 17, 2021, he was sworn in as president-elect. In a clear and open speech, he underlined the importance of the contribution of the entire people to the future of Syria.

Syria will not be destroyed anymore by Western powers, Russia and China will not let it happen anymore and moreover, the Syrians themselves will not let it happen anymore, they have learned their lesson, a terrible lesson, with loss of many lives and the partial destruction of their Motherland. They will not be friends anymore with their invaders, too much has happened and too many deaths have occured, the West has gambled, but this time it went very wrong for them and as I said before, knowing the Syrians for more than twenty years, don’t mess with Syrians, they are tough, much tougher than any European, they love their country, family and people above anything in this world and after ten years of destruction, it’s clear that they are still united and won the battle of all battles!



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  1. Great Syria, you have jammed the war machine that sows destruction and death of the USA and NATO, the West will never recover from the war in Syria that turned out to be Vietnam 2.0

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