North Korea Supplied Syrian Chemical Weapons A Lie

WikiLeaks dice que se publicaron documentos no redactados del ...
Accusations from Prof. Remco Breuker, Leiden University: the North Korea connection of delivering chemical substances to Syria, to make chemical weapons, and therefore, the Syrian government could kill its own people. For that reason, he claims they bombed Syria in 2018.

The United States, along with Britain and France, bombed Syria in April 2018, because of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, where 42 people lost they’re live. An illegal attack, nothing was proven that the Syrian government poisoned its own people. It was a “fake” attack, as many witnesses came forward and even traveled to the OPCW in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

Later it turned out, that all of it was invented by the so-called White Helmets, who were also responsible for setting-up the alleged chemical attack in Khan Sheikoun. Once Khan Sheikoun was liberated by the Syrian and Russian army, evidence was found, in the caves surrounding the city. Suits, chemical components were found, the chemical poison was mainly supplied by British companies.

2018 Bombing

A report by U.N. experts finds that North Korea supplied the Syrian government with materials that could have been used to produce chemical weapons on several occasions in the last two years, lending weight to long-standing suspicions that Syria is continuing to use these weapons on its own people.

The 200-page report, which remains unpublished but was reviewed by the New York Times, documents at least 40 previously unreported shipments from North Korea to Syria from 2012 to 2017, they claimed. No word about the British shipment of protective suits, the components for chemical poison delivered to the White Helmets in Khan Sheikoun. the White Helmets as we know we’re part of Al-Queada, Al-Nusra and DAESH.

Components for Chemical weapons

A Dutch professor, specialized in North Korea, Prof. Remco Breukers, claims in his research that North Korea shipped chemical components from 2012 till 2017 to Syria, already under president Hafez-Al-Assad there were good relations between Syria and North Korea, what is wrong with that, you can ask yourself? Germany, the Netherlands, France, the US, and VK shipped many chemicals to Syria, as shown on the top photo, to Iraq, where Saddam Hussein allegedly gassed the Kurds in Halaba. The White Helmets received tonnes of chemicals so they could poison the Syrian people. The claims about Syria start at 33/54 min.

A lot of lies and propaganda have been written by the media and so-called specialists, one-sided propaganda, which has nothing to do with the reality on the ground. Claims are made, without investigation of Western countries who supplied many Middle-Eastern and African countries with weapons and chemicals. The media is not investigating anymore, but just writing what they are dictated to do. Especially the long almost nine years of the “dirty” war of the West upon Syria, which is just one country that is destroyed by Western imperialism. North Korea took the path of arming itself with nuclear weapons, because of the threat of nuclear weapons from mainly the US. Does that open the discussion of why Atomic weapons are only allowed for so-called Western countries? The answer is clear, the West feels superior towards any country that is not complying and never wants peace. The US is the only country that used Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


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